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Detroit Legal Blog

What Is Drug Trafficking vs. Intent to Distribute?

Feb 09, 2018 in Drug Crimes, Legal Blog

Drug crimes are highly serious and are severely prosecuted in the state of Michigan. There are varying degrees of drug offenses, whether the charge involves possession, delivery, manufacturing, intent to distribute, or trafficking. In particular, there are some differences between the crime of drug trafficking…

Job Applications and Theft Convictions in Michigan

Feb 05, 2018 in Legal Blog, Theft

Many employers check for criminal records of job applicants when conducting background checks for certain positions. If a company evaluating your qualifications for a position finds out that you have a prior arrest or conviction for theft, you may find it difficult to receive a…

Federal Judge Blocks License Suspension for Unpaid Fines

Jan 24, 2018 in Legal Blog, Traffic

Over 100,000 people in Michigan may be unable to recover their driver’s licenses due to their inability to pay the court debts that are associated with their traffic tickets. However, a federal judge in Flint has recently ordered an end to the suspension of driver’s…

Can My Driver Responsibility Fees Be Waived?

Jan 17, 2018 in Criminal Defense, Traffic

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding driver responsibility fees among Michigan motorists. These fees are highly controversial and considered by many to be unfair. The state legislature approved a forgiveness plan in late 2017 that would essentially end the program. However, the forgiveness…