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Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

Nov 16, 2015 in Criminal Defense, Drug Crimes, Legal Blog

Drug trafficking is an area of criminal activity that may lead to charges from either state or federal authorities. Federal drug trafficking charges are generally more serious, and involve longer sentences, than state charges. With drug laws existing at both the state and federal levels,…

Parole Violations

Nov 09, 2015 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

People often confuse parole and probation—and not without reason, since they both are alternatives to serving jail time available to Michigan convicts. But there are important differences between the two. After a trial, a convict may be sentenced to probation, which means he or she…

High-Speed Police Chases

Nov 02, 2015 in Criminal Defense, Felony, Traffic

Getting into a car chase with the police is never a good idea. You could injure yourself or someone else if you get into a crash at high speeds. Additionally, you could face criminal charges — and Michigan law provides for severe penalties for fleeing…

Reducing Michigan’s Prison Population

Oct 26, 2015 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

Since Governor Snyder called for a smart justice plan in 2012, there has yet to be a serious reduction in the number of Michigan’s inmates, which was one of the Governor’s primary goals. To help move this goal forward, a non-partisan and non-profit group called…

5 Crime Stopping Initiatives

Oct 19, 2015 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

Detroit and its surrounding municipalities are some of the most dangerous areas in North America. The State government, federal authorities, and community groups are all working hard to change Michigan for the better. Here are 5 crime-stopping initiatives being put in place today: Governor Snyder…