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Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Michigan

Jul 05, 2018, by Maurice Davis in Legal Blog, Traffic
Truck Accidents in Michigan

A truck accident can result in significant damage to property and serious or even fatal injuries. In 2017, Michigan Traffic Crash Facts reported that there were 314,921 motor vehicle crashes throughout the state. Of those, 78,394 people were injured, and 1,028 died. Most of those wrecks had preventable causes. To learn some of the most common causes of truck accidents in Michigan, continue reading below.

If you or a loved one is in a truck accident due to another’s carelessness, you may be able to recover compensation for your losses. Although money will not heal your injuries or bring back a loved one who passed away, it can lessen the stress of medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Contact a Detroit truck accident lawyer at Davis Law Group today at (313) 818-3238 to learn more during a free, confidential case evaluation.

Top Three Causes of Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) identified the following common causes of truck accidents:

  • Truckers driving out of their lane – In 32 percent of accidents studied by the FMCSA, the truck driver ran out of their lane of travel. This included trucks driving into other lanes and running off the road.
  • Loss of vehicle control – In 29 percent of the accidents reported by the FMCSA, the crash was due to a loss of vehicle control.
  • Rear end collision with another vehicle – In 22 percent of the accidents reviewed by the FMCSA, the cause of the accident was a rear-end collision with another car that was traveling in the same lane as the truck.

These reasons made up the majority of truck accidents studied by the FMCSA. However, each of these categories can be further broken down to understand truck accidents better.

Other Common Causes of Truck Crashes

Truck accidents are primarily caused by driver error from either the truck driver or the driver of another vehicle. In fact, the FMCSA reported that 87 percent of truck accidents are caused by the driver.

Common causes of trucking accidents in Michigan also include:

  • Speeding – Driving faster than legally permitted can cause a trucker to lose control of the vehicle, especially when faced with an issue, such as road hazards or animals in their path.
  • Distracted driving – Truckers, just like car drivers, often pick up their phones, food, maps, and other items that cause them to be distracted while driving. This can cause truckers to lose control of the vehicle, swerve out of their lanes, or hit the rear end of a car in front of them.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol – Truckers may not operate their truck at a blood alcohol level of .04 or above. This legal limit is half that of a personal car driver. Driving while taking drugs or after drinking alcohol can cause a severe accident.
  • Fatigued driving – Truckers must drive long distances for many hours. When they drive while tired, they risk an accident caused by fatigued driving.
  • Dangerous weather conditions – Michigan’s adverse weather conditions can make it difficult to travel on roads, resulting in dangerous truck accidents.

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer at Davis Law Group for Help with a Claim

If you or a loved one was involved in a truck accident, you might be unsure of what to do next. A skilled Detroit truck accident lawyer at Davis Law Group to help you navigate a legal claim while you focus on recovery. Contact us today at (313) 818-3238 for more information during a free case evaluation.

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