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Detroit Car Accident Lawyer

Accidents happen daily. In many instances, the driver at fault has no intention to cause harm, nevertheless, injury, loss, and damage are all consequences of a car accident. Whether the accident is a regular fender bender, or a serious collision, being the victim of a motor vehicle accident can be a very stressful experience.

Other than being a major inconvenience, car accidents for which an individual is to be blamed is a legal matter, the resolution of which can be very technical and time-consuming. It is important to hire a Detroit car accident lawyer who is experienced in these types of matters to handle your case and ensure the most favorable results.

What You Should Do Immediately After a Michigan Car Accident

The scene of a car accident can be total chaos. There is an urgency to determine who is at fault and if there are serious injuries to get medical attention. But the average individual is sometimes confused as to what exactly he or she should do immediately after a car accident.

  • Call 911 – Whether the accident is a minor incident or a major multi-car catastrophe, 911 should be your first course of action. The 911 operator will seek to obtain vital information from you and will make an assessment of the type of emergency response personnel that is required.
  • Document important information – As long as you are able to do so, you should seek to obtain important information while you wait on the police to arrive. Contact information and insurance details of all the drivers involved will be critical for the future. While such information will be included in the police report, there is always the possibility of human error and therefore, it is important that you have an independent record.
  • Take pictures of the accident – Even if the other driver is accepting liability, it is important to take pictures of the scene, motor vehicles involved and the damages that are self-evident. With so many cell phones with a built-in camera, taking pictures is very easy.
  • Seek medical attention – Depending on the nature of the accident, you may need to seek medical attention as soon as possible and that is why it is important to call 911. However, personal injury may not always present itself at the same time and so it is best to act in caution by getting a medical checkup after the accident.

In many car accident matters, drivers will sometimes come to an agreement and accordingly, will seek to avoid the police. This is never a good idea as it can have serious legal implications later. Instead, take into consideration the action items above and then seek out a car accident lawyer in Michigan to help you with your case.

Why Do You Need a Detroit Car Accident Lawyer After an Accident

Individuals will often time avoid lawyers and pursue their accident claim by themselves, in order to not incur legal fees. The practice will initially eliminate a legal bill, but could result in a lower claim or even the need to get a lawyer later on, which might prove to be more expensive.

A car accident is a claim relating to civil liability, an area of law that can prove to be very complicated, technical and time sensitive. Here are some important reasons you should get the help of a Michigan car accident lawyer like that of Davis Law Group when you are hurt in an accident.

  • Time limitation – The law allows a specific time following a car accident, for a legal claim to be filed. In Michigan, that time period is 3 years. Accordingly, if you sustain injuries and wait too long, you may not be able to approach the court. When unrepresented, negotiations may be delayed to your detriment, resulting in the expiration of the time allowed to file a legal claim.
  • Insurance companies are not always on your side – Insurance companies have a particular business agenda. Insurance is supposed to protect you in the case of an accident, however when someone else is at fault, their insurance company may be more interested in reducing cost than compensating you for your injuries. Accordingly, you need an advocate who will be focused only on your interest against the insurance company.
  • Higher compensation – Many individual will readily understand that they should receive compensation for personal injury and the repair of their car. However, the law allows for a number of other areas of compensation. A personal injury lawyer will be able to advise you on compensation available to you and are generally better equipped to assess the true value of your pain and suffering.

Having a lawyer by your side is a sure way to get the attention of the party at fault. You have a lot of things to do and a life to live, so it makes sense to leave the legal work to the legal professionals.

Let Our Michigan Car Accident Lawyers Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Have you been hurt in a car accident? Finding a lawyer who understands your case and who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve can be difficult. At Davis Law Group, we can help. Our legal team is possessed with the experience and knowledge that is critical to fighting that personal injury claim.

No one plans for a car accident. However, hiring Davis Law Group as your Michigan personal injury lawyer is truly a strategic decision that will generate the results you are looking for. Call us today at . and schedule a free initial consultation.

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