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Detroit Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crime charges are serious matters not only because of the potential penalties for a conviction, but because they often involve people who know each other and have relationships with each other, whether they’re people who have dated, spouses, friends, or family members. An allegation that you have committed a sex crime can be devastating, particularly when the allegation comes from someone you know and leads to relationships or families being torn apart.

Perhaps unlike other types of criminal charges, the mere accusation that you committed a sex crime — particularly if it involved a minor — carries a stigma that can permanently alter your life for the worse. There often is a societal presumption that people accused of crimes are guilty, despite the legal presumption that someone is innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Often, a prosecutor’s case against you in a sex crime case is based on the alleged victim’s word versus yours, and on your actions or statements being taken out of context and twisted in ways that make you look guilty when the truth may be far more ambiguous. Cases involving sex offenses often have many grey areas, and events can be interpreted in different ways.

If you’re convicted of a sex crime in Michigan, there are a number of ways that your life may be affected for years to come. Those include:

  • A jail or prison sentence
  • Costly criminal fines or court fees
  • A requirement to register as a sex offender, and have your information visible in a public database
  • A permanent criminal record as a sex offender that will be visible on background checks for employment or rental housing
  • Restrictions on where you can live or work
  • You may be unable to obtain a license to practice your profession or lose your existing license to practice law, medicine, teaching, nursing, pharmacy, or another licensed profession
  • You may lose full or partial custody of your children, depending on the circumstances of your offense
  • You may lose your immigration visa or green card, be denied citizenship, or be deported to your native country if you’re a non-U.S. citizen

However, your situation may not be hopeless. With the help of a good Detroit sex crimes lawyer, you may have a chance at fighting the charge and getting it dismissed or reduced so that the consequences have less of an impact on your future.

At Davis Law Group PLLC, we work aggressively on behalf of people charged with Michigan sex crimes. We can start representing you even before you’re charged, but know you’re being investigated in connection with a possible sex crime. It’s our goal to make sure your rights are protected through the process, and that your side of the story is heard by police, prosecutors, and by a jury if necessary.

Types of Sex Offenses We Handle

Our Detroit sex crimes lawyer at Davis Law Group PLLC has handled a range of sex offenses charged in local courts. Some of the types of cases we can handle for you include:

  • 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct — This is the most serious type of sex offense with which you can be charged in Michigan. More commonly known as rape, this offense can result in a life sentence in prison.
  • 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct — This offense involves unwanted sexual touching, and might more commonly be known as sexual battery or indecent liberties. It’s a serious felony that can result in years in prison.
  • 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct — This offense is more commonly known as statutory rape, and involves sexual penetration of teens or adults with mental or physical disabilities. It’s a serious felony offense in Michigan that can result in years in prison.
  • 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct — This offense involves unwanted sexual touching of certain types of people, including teens or within the contexts of certain kinds of relationships. This offense is a serious misdemeanor in Michigan punishable by years in prison.
  • Assault with Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct — This is a serious felony offense and can result in a significant prison sentence when there is an intent to commit rape, or when the intent is to commit unwanted sexual touching.
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender — Many convictions for sex crimes in Michigan result in a requirement to register as a sex offender. Failing to register as required is an additional criminal offense that can result in jail time and fines.
  • Child Pornography — Producing, financing, distributing, or possessing material that is sexually abusive of children are serious felony crimes in Michigan that can result in decades in prison and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.
  • Prostitution & Solicitation — Prostitution and solicitation are misdemeanor crimes in Michigan that can be punished with jail time and fines.

Experienced Defense For Your Michigan Sex Crime Charges

At Davis Law Group PLLC, our experience isn’t limited to criminal defense. We also have history working in prosecution, which gives us the ability to see both sides of an argument in a criminal case such as a sex crimes case. We know how prosecutors approach these cases — and how best to defend against the arguments prosecutors are likely to make against you. We’ll fight for you in court with the goal not only of getting you the best possible outcome for your charge, but helping you preserve your family and your future.

For more information about how we can help with your case, what to expect from the criminal process, and what your rights are when charged with a sex offense, call the experienced Detroit sex crimes lawyers at Davis Law Group PLLC for a consultation today.

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