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Avoid Becoming a Thanksgiving Car Accident Statistic

Nov 22, 2017, by Maurice Davis in Legal Blog

Many of us travel to see loved ones during the holidays, and Thanksgiving weekend is often one of the busiest times of year for travel on Michigan roads and highways. While you may be extremely busy planning your Thanksgiving holiday, it is important to be sure that you stay safe while driving during this hectic time. It is well-established that this busy time of year results in many more accidents on American roads, including those that result in serious injury or death. To protect yourself and your loved ones from a dangerous car accident, it is important to be especially careful while driving or riding in a vehicle during Thanksgiving weekend.

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The Frequency Of Car Accidents During Thanksgiving Weekend

During Thanksgiving weekend, which is the period of time starting Wednesday evening before the holiday through Sunday evening after the holiday, there have been between 360 and 417 car accident deaths in the United States since 2010. This period of time has also seen an average of over 50,000 car accident injuries that require medical attention. These injuries appear to spike during the evenings when people are often rushing to see loved ones.

The Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving has been found to be the deadliest part of the holiday weekend with the largest increase in dangerous accidents. This can be attributed to the fact that people often begin their Thanksgiving travel on this night. Additionally, this evening is one of the busiest nights of the year for people going out to restaurants and bars, so there is presumably an increase in people driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Thanksgiving day also has an increased rate of deadly accidents with accidents on the holiday being about 19% more frequent than normal Thursdays. This can be attributed to people traveling to visit family, and a likely increase in the rate of drunk driving throughout the day. The remaining three days of the Thanksgiving weekend tend to each have fewer people traveling, since many choose to return home on different days of the weekend. Combined with less alcohol consumption by drivers, this has resulted in the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend having deadly car accidents close to the annual weekend average.

Staying Safe While On The Road During Thanksgiving

To keep yourself and your loved ones safe from dangerous car accidents during Thanksgiving weekend, it is important to be vigilant when behind the wheel. It’s very common for the holidays to include many distractions, but careful driving can help you reduce the likelihood of a fatal car accident. Some of the most important things to consider when taking to the road during Thanksgiving time would be:

  • Be vigilant for drivers who are intoxicated. Many people celebrate Thanksgiving by consuming alcohol with their meals, and often times get behind the wheel after having too many drinks. While this is certainly a heightened concern for Thanksgiving Day, it is even more common on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving due to many people choosing to dine out and visit local drinking establishments.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to make it safely to your destination. The holidays are filled with many commitments, and therefore people find it difficult to be on time without rushing. However, you are much less likely to be in a dangerous accident if you take your time while on the road, especially given the high possibility of bad weather in the Midwest during late November.
  • Don’t drive while distracted. Catching up with loved ones and making last minute plans are common during the Thanksgiving holiday. However, do not let conversations with passengers or phone calls consume your attention while driving, and be sure that everyone in your vehicle fastens their seat belt.

Davis Law Group Can Help If You Have Been In A Serious Accident

Staying vigilant while on the road can help you avoid a deadly accident during the hectic holiday season. However, even the most careful and responsible drivers can be caught up in an unavoidable car accident. If you or your loved ones were hurt in an accident, you will need skilled and compassionate lawyer Maurice Davis help protect your rights during your recovery.

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