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Why Hire Us?

When you have been charged with a crime in Detroit, some of your initial thoughts may be about getting a lawyer. You may wonder whether you should get a public defender or hire your own criminal defense attorney. If you and your family decide to hire a lawyer, then you have to figure out which law firm is right for you. There are countless criminal defense firms in the Detroit area, but not all of them will be what you need.

When considering who to call for help, we recommend contact us at Davis Law Group. Criminal defense attorney Maurice Davis and his team are skilled, dedicated, and trusted attorneys. We represent individuals convicted of crimes in Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County, Washtenaw County, St. Clair County, and Genesee County.

To talk with Maurice Davis, contact Davis Law Group at (313) 818-3238 or use the online form to request a free, confidential consultation.

We Have the Knowledge and Insights You Need

When you are accused of or charged with a crime, you are in dire need of legal information. You need to know what Michigan law says about this crime. What are you specifically accused of? What does the prosecutor need to prove?

While you can go online searching for this information yourself, it is more prudent to contact a Michigan criminal defense lawyer. By calling Davis Law Group, you can speak with an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the law. After years of criminal defense work, they will be able to tell you a great deal about what you are up against right off the bat. If your case requires more information, they have the resources to conduct thorough legal research.

When you obtain your information from an experienced attorney instead of the Internet, you can be confident that it is accurate and thorough. You also obtain insights gathered through years of handling cases like yours and being present in the courtrooms your case will be tried in. By hiring Maurice Davis, you gain seasoned advice that improves your chance of a successful outcome in your case.

Many Michigan Residents Have Trusted Us

When you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, you want to hire someone who is trustworthy and compassionate. You do not want a defense lawyer who treats you like just one of many cases.

Hundreds of Michigan residents have chosen Davis Law Group to represent them. This is not just because of the firm’s knowledge and experience. It is because Maurice Davis is a genuine person. When he is not defending people in court, he is spending time with his family and participating at his church. He is doing what he can to boost his community. When you hire him and his team, you are getting the help of people who truly care about your well-being.

People trust Davis Law Group because we treat everyone who walks through our doors with compassion and respect. We understand every case is unique and deserves our full attention.

When you are facing one of the worst experiences of your life, you can trust us to fight hard for you. Davis Law Group is aggressive in pursuing the best possible outcome in your case, whether that is having the charges dropped, the case dismissed, or an acquittal.

If you are wondering about how we have handled cases like what you are up against, review our case results. You can also reach out online through our contact form or call or text us at (313) 818-3238 . We are happy to sit down with you and go over how we handle certain criminal charges.

You Will Always Know What Is Going on With Your Case

A common complaint with large criminal defense firms is that clients get left in the dark. Their phone calls and emails may not be returned. Or, it takes days or weeks to get a simple response from the lawyer. That is not how we work at Davis Law Group.

We know that this is a difficult time for you and your family. Having to wait days, weeks, or months without any updates on your case is frustrating. It can leave you feeling angry, hopeless, and resentful. We will never leave you waiting for a response.

Davis Law Group is committed to providing each client with personal service. We are not just there for you in court. We are here to talk with you face-to-face, answer your phone call, and return your emails. We believe it is important for us to be accessible to you and to provide consistent and clear communication.

You should never be confused or unsure about what is going on with your case. By working with us, you will always know what is going on, and you will always get answers to your questions.

Legal Industry Recognition

At Davis Law Group, we will never rest on our laurels. Yet we are proud of what we have accomplished in recent years. Davis Law Group has been recognized by:

  • Lead Counsel Rate
  • The National Black Lawyers—Top 40 Under 40
  • American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys—10 Best in Client Satisfaction 2016
  • Best DWI Attorney 2016
  • National College of DUI Defense
  • American Academy of Trial Attorneys
  • Expert Network—Distinguished Lawyers

Call us to Speak With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

As you search for the right criminal defense attorney for your case, you are going to see a lot of lawyers talk about their knowledge, experience, and awards. All of it will look impressive. After doing your research and finding firms that are highly experienced in addressing the charges you face, the next step is to meet with attorneys in person. You should work with someone you are comfortable with. You need to work with someone you are confident you can trust to fight hard for you.

Maurice Davis wants to meet with you. He wants to sit down with you, listen to your story, and explain how he can help.

Davis Law Group offers free confidential consultations. There is no risk in calling or texting us at (313) 818-3238 or reaching out via our online contact form.