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Michigan DUI Court Process

Being pulled over and subjected to sobriety tests can be a confusing and extremely stressful situation. Michigan law enforcement takes DUIs seriously, and they will work hard to build a strong case against you if they believe you drove while intoxicated.

The Michigan DUI court process can be overwhelming for anyone. You are facing jail time, steep fines, and a criminal record when in front of a judge for a DUI hearing; therefore, it is strongly advised that you have an experienced Michigan DUI lawyer working for you. Our legal team at Davis Law Group has defended many clients facing severe DUI charges in the Detroit and greater Michigan area. We know how to ensure your rights are protected when you are brought to court, and we know what is necessary to end your case successfully.

Michigan law allows for any law enforcement officer to pull you over and arrest you for a DUI if they have reasonable suspicion that your driving is impaired due to drugs or alcohol. The court process in Michigan is meant to begin very soon after an arrest. Each setting is different and having a lawyer who is familiar with the courts and judges in the Detroit area can be very helpful to your case.

Contact Davis Law Group as soon as you can after a DUI arrest. Detroit DUI lawyer Maurice Davis has years of experience helping defend clients arrested for DUI. Call us today at (313) 818-3238 for a free and confidential consultation.

Your Arraignment and Bond Terms After an Arrest For a DUI

A court hearing known as an arraignment will be the first time you are before a judge after your DUI arrest. This hearing is supposed to happen without delay, and it sets the stage for the ongoing process. Here, you will formally be informed of the charges against you, and you can enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or you can abstain from formally pleading either. You can have your lawyer present at this time, and their presence at your arraignment can be of great help to your case. Not only can they represent you at this moment, but they will gain a lot of information about the state’s case against you, which can aid your defense going forward.

The arraignment is also the venue where the court will ensure that proper steps are taken so you will be present for all upcoming appearances. Requiring a bond can not only serve to make sure that you attend all of your upcoming DUI legal proceedings, but it can also bring about terms that you must abide by until your case is finalized. There is a significant concern to make sure that you do not pose a danger to yourself or others in the community.

An experienced and skilled DUI attorney will know what to expect at a DUI court hearing and can help make sure the terms of your release at this time are fair to you and your family. You may be required by the court to do one or several of the following:

  • Avoid the use of alcohol or drugs
  • Participate in a substance abuse monitoring program
  • Continue or begin an education program
  • Comply with restrictions on personal associations or travel
  • Surrender your driver’s license or passport
  • Abide by a specified curfew

Pretrial Conference and Trial

A court conference between your lawyer and the prosecutor will be arranged, and it will most likely take place at the district court. This is meant to give both sides an idea of what their cases are. The sharing of information between your lawyer and the prosecutor might seem odd, but it’s meant to speed up the process for all sides while also allowing your case to possibly end early, saving the court’s resources for other matters. If the case against you is weak, your attorney can help convince the state to drop the charges against you. If the case against you is strong, your lawyer may negotiate a plea deal that has acceptable terms. Your lawyer should not agree to any plea deal without your consent.

If your case is one of the few that goes to trial, your lawyer will be able to argue your innocence in court. You have the right to a jury, but your lawyer might advise you to seek a bench trial that only goes before a judge. Just like any other criminal trial, the details of your DUI arrest will be argued by both sides, and the court will find you innocent or guilty. As DUI lawyers with years of trial experience, Davis Law Group understands that each case is unique. We will investigate police reports, witness statements, and medical records to find evidence that helps your case. Of the many arguments that we may use in your defense, some include:

  • Your DUI stop or arrest was without cause – The police need to have probable cause to detain or arrest you, and your case can be dismissed if they cannot articulate this in court.
  • Your breath or urine test sample was tainted – Chemical tests showing blood alcohol content (BAC) can return powerful evidence for the prosecution, but outside circumstances can make these tests unreliable.
  • Police made an error in testing your BAC – It is possible for law enforcement to make mistakes in conducting sobriety tests, collecting chemical samples, or maintaining lab equipment.

A DUI Attorney From Davis Law Group Can Help You After a Michigan DUI Charge

The legal process is often confusing, and Michigan law offers police and prosecutors many options when crafting a case against you. It’s important to understand that you have rights during every step of your prosecution and having a skilled lawyer can help you win your case and keep your record clear.

Building a successful defense can start immediately after your arrest, even before your arraignment. For this reason, it’s important to not delay in calling your Michigan DUI defense lawyer. Our legal team at Davis Law Group has helped many clients in this challenging situation, and we know how to resolve your case successfully. Call us at (313) 818-3238 to schedule your free case evaluation with a Detroit defense attorney as soon as possible.