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If you have recently been charged with a crime in Port Huron or elsewhere in St. Clair County, you might be wondering what will happen to you. For many Michigan charges, you face serious penalties like fines, jail or prison time, and other long-term negative consequences if convicted.

Criminal Penalties & Jail Time in Port Huron, MI

The best way to fight these charges or allegations is to have an experienced Port Huron criminal defense lawyer on your side. Criminal charges are serious, even if you’re charged with a misdemeanor. Why risk the long-term negative impact of a criminal conviction if it can be helped?

Some of the consequences you face include:

  • Weeks, months, or even years in jail or prison
  • Time on probation, restricting your movement or actions
  • Having to pay expensive criminal fines, court costs, restitution, or civil penalties
  • Loss of your driving privileges
  • Losing your job or being denied employment when applying for jobs
  • Being denied rental housing
  • Losing public housing
  • Losing or being denied a professional license for certain types of occupations
  • Being denied a visa, green card, or citizenship; in some instances, being deported
  • Losing custodial rights to your children or dependents

These serious consequences aren’t meant to scare you – they’re meant to make you aware of what you could be facing. One thing to know is that every criminal case is unique, and an experienced criminal attorney can apply legal understanding and interpretation of the law to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

How Our Port Huron Criminal Lawyers Can Help

At Davis Law Group PLLC, our defense attorneys can help you fight your charges and mitigate the consequences you face in many ways, including:

  • Review the facts of your case to see if your constitutional rights were violated in any way
  • Negotiate with the prosecution to reduce or drop your charges, depending on the facts
  • Ensure that your rights are protected during any law enforcement questioning
  • In trials, prepare an aggressive defense to convince the judge or jury that you are not guilty
  • Fight for an alternative resolution if available, such as drug or alcohol treatment, probation, deferred sentencing, etc.

Types of Charges Our Port Huron Criminal Lawyers Handle

Facing Michigan’s criminal justice system is a frightful prospect, but there is no need to go through it alone. At Davis Law Group, we know what you are up against and are ready to help the residents of Port Huron effectively handle any of the following criminal charges:

  • DUI Charges – The effects of a DUI n Michigan are serious and can significantly limit your everyday life, from fines, jail and the suspension of your driving privileges. Contact an experienced Port Huron defense attorney with Davis Law Group to find out how we can help.
  • Drug Offenses – Michigan punishes drug crimes very harshly and a conviction can affect your life for a long time and in numerous ways. Contact an criminal defense attorney with considerable experience handling drug cases to begin preparing the best possible defense.
  • Marijuana Crimes – While acceptance of cannabis is growing, a criminal charge can still lead to a permanent criminal record, hefty fines, and even time behind bars. Our Port Huron criminal attorneys are available to review your particular situation and will work to achieve the best possible result.
  • Theft – Depending on the specifics of your alleged theft charge, a conviction can have serious long-term effects on your life. Whether you are accused of stealing a car or shoplifting a pack of gum, a capable Port Huron theft lawyer can explain your situation and will fight to protect your rights.
  • Fraud -Michigan pursues fraud-related crimes such as forgery, insurance fraud, and possession of fake or altered credit cards very aggressively. You will need equally aggressive legal representation from a knowledgeable Port Huron fraud attorney to protect your interests and build a strong defense.
  • Property Crimes – The intentional destruction of another person’s property through acts of vandalism or arson are taken seriously in Michigan. If convicted, you can face substantial fines, a permanent criminal record, and imprisonment. Learn more about how these types of cases are handled and how a skilled criminal defense lawyer with Davis Law Group can help.
  • Traffic Violations – Even the most common traffic offenses can result in points on your license, expensive fines, heightened insurance costs, and even the loss of your license. Protect your ability to drive and call a skilled Port Huron traffic lawyer to find the best possible resolution.
  • Sex Crimes – Cases involving sexual offenses often have many grey areas and can be interpreted in different ways, but the penalties are incredibly severe. Contact an experienced Port Huron sex crimes lawyer to discuss your unique set of circumstances and how to build an effective defense strategy.
  • Violent Crimes – Violent crimes come in many forms in Michigan, including assault, battery, manslaughter, and murder. They are among some of the most harshly punished offenses in the state and if you’re charged, you will need a highly experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for your freedom and find a favorable outcome.
  • Weapons Crimes – Gun rights and gun laws are taken seriously in Michigan. The penalties for violating the state’s firearm laws can include jail terms, fines, and the loss of your legal right to own a weapon. When you face a weapons charge, a Port Huron weapons lawyer can help navigate the legal process and determine the best way to fight the case.
  • White Collar Crime – Being accused of a white collar offense like bribery, embezzlement, or tax evasion can be overwhelming and frightening. You will also face the possibility of some very haunting consequences. Contact a knowledgeable Port Huron defense attorney with Davis Law Group right away to discuss the situation and figure out your next step.

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We aggressively represent our clients in Port Huron and throughout the state of Michigan. If your rights have been compromised or if you have been charged with a crime, contact an experienced Port Huron criminal defense lawyer today for a free legal case evaluation. We are available 24/7 when you call (810) 294-8832. The sooner you call, the better we can begin building your defense.

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