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If you or your family is facing criminal charges, you need someone who is prepared to advise you, represent you and defend your rights. We work with clients every day who have been accused of a crime or are in violation of the law. When you’re researching Michigan criminal defense attorneys, you may want to know more about their experiences and the types of cases handled. At Davis Law Group, we understand how stressful these situations can be and how difficult it is to deal with them. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the criminal defense areas we cover below, contact us — this is just a brief overview of the types of Michigan criminal defense we practice.

Practice Areas

  • Drug Charges – Cases involving controlled substances are heavily prosecuted in Michigan, and you face months and even years in prison, substantial fines, and the long-term consequences of a criminal record if convicted. Many times the evidence involved in drug charges can be called into question with the help of an aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorney. Learn more about the charges and penalties you face.
  • OWI Charges – Whether you have recently been charged with your first OWI or you are facing steeper penalties for a repeat DUI, there is always something that can be done to improve your legal situation. OWIs are some of the most common criminal charges in Michigan, and the State is not likely to go easy on you for making a mistake because of the risk impaired drivers pose to others in the community. Find out how OWI cases can be defended and how an experienced Michigan OWI lawyer can fight your charges.
  • Fraud Charges – Accusations of fraud are not only stressful, but damaging to your reputation, integrity, and future. If convicted, you face having a felony on your permanent criminal record, making it difficult for you to find a job or a place to live after serving years in prison and paying thousands of dollars in restitution.
  • Arson & Property Crimes – Whether it was a simple misunderstanding or not, it’s important to know what you’re up against. Michigan made changes to its laws in 2013 to increase the maximum penalties for arson to align them more closely with federal law. Depending on the charges, you could face life imprisonment and several thousand dollars in fines.
  • Personal Injury – Suffering an injury is a stressful experience for anyone, but if you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, the burden can be excessive. Your injury might be preventing you from working and with medical bills mounting, you may not know where to turn. A qualified Michigan personal injury lawyer can explain your options and can help you return to normalcy. Learn what it takes to protect your rights and get the compensation that you need to recover properly.
  • White Collar Crimes – Being entrusted to distribute or monitor money or property is a great responsibility, and it’s one that comes with great risk as well. If you are suspected of stealing that money or property, you can be charged with embezzlement or other offenses typically referred to as “while collar crime.” You face jail or prison time, and the long-term impact of having a criminal record. Having an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney on your side to fight your charges can make a difference in the magnitude of your charges and penalties.
  • Traffic Violations – Did you know that if you pay your traffic ticket, you essentially plead guilty? Traffic tickets come with surcharges, a potential increase in auto insurance rates, and points on your driving record. If you accrue enough points, you could lose your license. Don’t pay your ticket – learn what it takes to fight your ticket with the help of an experienced attorney.
  • Theft Charges – Whether it was a momentary lapse in judgment or a misunderstanding, theft is a growing concern throughout Michigan. If convicted, your criminal record will make it difficult to bounce back and move on with your life, since many employers, leasing agents, and professional agencies will see your past as a deterrent. Fighting your charges could vastly improve your situation.
  • Firearms Charges – Gun rights are, undoubtedly, controversial in the United States, and they are heavily regulated in nearly every state. Michigan is no different. If you fail to follow the statutes as they are intended, you can be charged with a crime. Even carrying a concealed weapon without a carry license can mean up to five years imprisonment.
  • Sex Crimes – There are few types of charges as harrowing and complex as allegations of a sexual nature. These charges can rip apart families, neighborhoods, and communities. If convicted, you face not only jail or prison time and typical criminal penalties – you also face having to register as a sex offender, which can impact your employment, housing, ability to further your education, and much more. If you have been charged with a sex crime involving a minor, you may not be able to see your children or young family members.
  • Violent Crimes – Charges like murder and manslaughter typically receive a great deal of media attention. If someone you know has been charged with a violent crime or you believe that you are the subject of investigation, it’s best to consult with an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney who can review the evidence against you and begin preparing an aggressive defense to protect your rights and your freedoms.

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