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Southfield Marijuana Lawyer

If you are facing any type of charge related to marijuana, you can benefit from having a skilled Southfield marijuana lawyer in your corner.

As a former prosecutor, Southfield criminal defense attorney Maurice Davis has the knowledge and resources to defend you with intelligent advocacy designed to reduce or remove your charges if possible.

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Marijuana Possession

It is illegal for a person under 21 to intentionally possess marijuana in the state of Michigan. If someone under 21 is caught in the state with any amount of marijuana, they face up to jail, a fine, and a driver’s license suspension.

Marijuana Distribution, Manufacturing, and Tracking

It is illegal to knowingly manufacture, deliver, or possess with the intent to deliver marijuana in the state of Michigan. The penalties for this offense are based on the amount of marijuana you’re found with.

These penalties may be increased if any of the following aggravating circumstances exist:

  • Interstate trafficking
  • Selling to minors
  • You’re a card-carrying medical marijuana patient
  • Distributing in a school zone

A Skilled Defense From a Southfield Marijuana Lawyer

Southfield marijuana lawyer Maurice Davis can put his experience to work for you. With time as a former prosecutor and now a vigorous advocate for individuals facing life-changing legal consequences, he can go over your options with you and form a strategic defense with the goal of either negotiating an agreement with the prosecutor’s office or winning an acquittal in court.

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