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Detroit CDL DUI Attorney

A commercial driver’s license may be essential for your family’s livelihood. Losing your CDL may mean that your family will have a difficult time making ends meet. A DUI can severely disrupt your life no matter what you do for a living, but things can become much more complicated if you rely on your CDL for work. If you have been arrested for intoxicated driving, a skilled Detroit CDL DUI attorney can help you defeat the charges and keep your commercial driver’s license.

Cases where the defendant has a CDL are different than other DUIs, and your Detriot DUI attorney must have experience defending those who drive for a living. Do not hesitate to call Davis Law Group if you are in this challenging position.

Michigan Motor Vehicle Code 257.303 allows for harsh punishments for those who are charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Specifically, these criminal codes make for a particularly difficult time for commercial drivers who may have been drinking. State law requires more care from CDL holders, and therefore there is a lower bar set for them regarding a criminal conviction for intoxicated driving.

The defense team at Davis Law Group is very knowledgeable in Michigan’s DUI laws, and we understand how they can affect your career if you drive for a living. Do not hesitate to contact our office if you have been charged with a serious driving offense. Call us today at (313) 818-3238 for a free and confidential consultation.

DUI Laws For CDL Holders Are More Strict

State and federal governments strictly regulate and monitor every aspect of the commercial trucking industry. A CDL disqualification can happen to somebody for many different offenses, and some of these incidents would be trivial or nonexistent for drivers who do not have commercial licenses. For example, many people know that the Michigan blood alcohol content (BAC) limit for most drivers is .08 percent. However, the Michigan CDL BAC limit is only .04 percent. It’s also important to understand that any other legal violation by commercial drivers can become much more severe if alcohol is involved. If you are at fault in an accident that injures someone, and it is found that you violated the state’s CDL alcohol laws, you can be facing the suspension or loss of your license just as if you were arrested for a DUI.

Further laws that apply to CDL holders include:

  • You cannot be under the influence of any amount of other drug or controlled substance.
  • It is illegal to consume any amount of alcohol while you are driving.
  • You may not legally drink any amount of alcohol within four hours before driving.

Can I Get a CDL with A DUI in Michigan?

If you have yet to acquire your CDL, you may be wondering if you are even eligible if you have a previous DUI conviction. State laws are harsh, and a there is a great incentive for both state and federal governments to keep intoxicated drivers from the road. Michigan CDL DUI laws do not explicitly prohibit you from being granted your commercial license. As long as you meet the state requirements, you can receive your CDL. However, Michigan law does allow for the Department of Motor Vehicles to deny a license to those who are considered to be abusing drugs or alcohol.

Our CDL DUI lawyers at Davis Law Group know how vital a CDL can be for your future, and we strongly encourage everyone to be honest about their past and background as they apply for their license. Lying about a previous conviction is very serious and will keep you from being awarded a license.

There Are Many Harsh Punishments For A CDL DUI

Michigan law is written in a way that requires more responsibility from commercial drivers. Being held to a higher safety standard means that it’s easier for you as a CDL holder to be arrested and convicted of a DUI.

Being pulled over by police can be intimidating for anyone. When you drive in Michigan, you are subjected to the state’s implied consent laws regarding police stops. This means that you are consenting to give the police the ability to stop and test you for alcohol in your blood. If you refuse to undergo a BAC test, your license will be immediately suspended for 24 hours.

If you are found guilty of a DUI after your arrest, you can be subjected to severe consequences while also being in jeopardy of losing your ability to drive for a living. Every case is different, but the DUI consequences for CDL holders include:

  • Fines – You can be fined up to $500 for a first offense and $1000 for subsequent offenses. This does not cover the costs of regaining your CDL that might be forfeited upon conviction.
  • Jail time – A first DUI offense can result in up to 93 days in jail, and you can be facing years in prison if you are found guilty after having other previous DUIs on your record.
  • Loss of your CDL – A DUI conviction will result in your commercial driver’s license being suspended for one year, and a subsequent conviction will keep you from commercially driving for 10 years.

A Detroit CDL DUI Attorney Can Help You Keep Your CDL After An Arrest

Being found guilty of a DUI can be devastating, especially if you drive for a living. Many people wonder if they will still be able to have a CDL after a DUI, or if any past DUIs can prevent them from getting their CDL in the future. While you can legally have a commercial driver’s license if you previously had a DUI, a past conviction can make it difficult to be hired by a trucking company. It’s essential to call your CDL DUI defense attorney immediately after an arrest.

Our firm has helped many clients defeat a DUI charge that could have landed them in jail and cost them their license. While an arrest can be incredibly intimidating, an experienced attorney can put forth strong arguments in favor of your innocence. It’s possible that the police improperly detained you and tested your blood alcohol content or that their test equipment was defective. These are common problems, and they may result in your case being dismissed without a conviction. Building a strong defense can take time, and it’s therefore important to call your attorney without delay.

If you would like to speak with a skilled and compassionate Detroit CDL DUI attorney about your case, call Davis Law Group as soon as possible. You can contact our office today at (313) 818-3238 to arrange a no-cost case evaluation.