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Detroit Violent Crimes Lawyer

Crimes involving violence can be among the most heavily punished in Michigan. State laws harshly penalize criminal actions that result in harm to others. In many instances, violent crimes may be charged as felonies, and prosecutors are likely to seek the maximum penalties when the alleged victim is injured or killed by a violent offense — even when injury or death was unintended.

When you are convicted of a violent crime in Michigan, the effects may haunt you for the rest of your life and cost you everything that matters — your job, your family, and your very freedom. Possible consequences of a conviction may include:

  • You may be sentenced to up to life in prison, depending on the crime
  • You may have to pay large criminal fines
  • You’ll have a permanent felony record that brands you as a violent offender
  • You may have difficulty getting a job or renting a place to live
  • If you have a professional license, you may lose your license and your career in medicine, law, teaching, nursing, pharmacy, or another licensed profession
  • If you’re a non-U.S. citizen, you may have your immigration visa or green card revoked, your citizenship application denied, and be deported

When you or a family member faces a violent crime charge, it’s important that you seek help from an experienced Detroit violent crimes lawyer.

Common Violent Crime Charges in Michigan

Violent crimes can take a number of different forms. Some of the most common types of violent offenses seen in Michigan include:

  • Assault & Battery — Assault and battery are separate actions that often are charged together, but can be charged separately. Assault essentially is the act of threatening someone with harm, while battery under Michigan law involves intentionally touching someone in a forceful, violent, or offensive way. There are many variations on assault charges in Michigan statutes that can be misdemeanors or felonies depending on the circumstances of the charge.
  • Domestic Violence — Domestic violence in Michigan is a form of assault and battery involving a spouse, dating or romantic partner, someone who lives with you, an ex-spouse, or a person you have a child with. Domestic violence can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances of the charge.
  • Child Abuse — Child abuse is a complicated offense that can include a number of different types of actions that involve harm to children. Child abuse can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances of the offense.
  • Gang Violence — When you are suspected of committing a violent offense along with a group of 5 or more unified people, you may be charged with criminal gang activity. When you are convicted of a gang-related violent offense, you may face enhanced penalties including a longer prison sentence.
  • Kidnapping — Kidnapping involves knowingly restraining someone else to demand a ransom, to use as a hostage, to engage in criminal sexual conduct, to take them to another state, to force them into servitude, or to engage in child sex abuse. Kidnapping is a serious felony that can by punished by up to life in prison.
  • Manslaughter — Manslaughter is a serious felony offense in Michigan that can be penalized by years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.
  • Murder — Murder is the most serious criminal offense with which you can be charged in Michigan. Depending on the circumstances of the crime, you may be sentenced to up to life without parole.

Strong Defense For Your Violent Crime Charge

A violent criminal offense often is a serious felony, and facing such a charge can be a terrifying and stressful experience. You may be looking at a possible sentence of years, decades, or even life behind bars. A violent criminal charge is a serious matter, and you need a serious attorney representing you in court.

At Davis Law Group PLLC, our Detroit violent crimes lawyers understand the gravity of the situation you face when you’re charged. We take seriously our responsibility to do everything we can to defend you, to fight your charge, and to protect your rights and your future. When you face a serious felony charge, we will work aggressively to get you the best outcome possible in the circumstances of your case.

You don’t have to wait until you’re charged to call us. If you’re being investigated for a violent crime such as assault, kidnapping, child abuse, or murder, it can benefit you to consult with a lawyer as soon as you know you’re under investigation. A good Detroit violent crimes lawyer can step in and protect your rights as you undergo questioning when police want to search your property, and when prosecutors are considering charges against you.

At Davis Law Group PLLC, we’re committed to representing you every step of the way — from arrest to trial — and making sure you have all of the information you need to make decisions about your case. Call us for a consultation about your case today.

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