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Detroit Gang Crimes on Social Media

Nov 08, 2017, by Maurice Davis in Legal Blog

People are constantly on social media, including gang members and others involved in criminal activity. Michigan police have noticed a growing trend in criminal activity that involves using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to plan and coordinate assaults, robberies, and drug or weapon sales. No matter what is posted or shared on social media, content is permanently stored and available to police. With the increased law enforcement attention and surveillance on social media, it is possible that you or a loved one will be monitored and possibly accused of gang activity due to your social media presence. If this happens, you need a skilled defense lawyer who can help you avoid conviction for serious gang crimes.

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Social Media’s Role In Gang Crimes

We use social media to keep in touch with our friends and families, and to inform them about what’s going on in our lives. Just like any other communication method, this medium is used by gangs and other criminal groups, as well. Gangs have been found to describe their criminal actions on social media, but it is more common for posts to suggest or hint at illegal actions or to glorify gang activity. For these reasons, police involvement in investigating gang presence on social media involves a lot of guessing.

One of the biggest appeals gangs find in social media is its perceived ability to keep its users’ information private, and therefore out of the hands of law enforcement. While people can get away with not using their real names on websites such as Facebook and Twitter, these companies have ways to track who you are. In addition to having your location recorded with your IP address, social media companies are able to use software that can identify your pictures and internet friends, and create a user profile that can help reveal your identity. This information is regularly shared with law enforcement officials who are investigating criminal activity.

Detroit law enforcement have observed that gangs use social media for activities such as:

  • Buying and selling contraband such as drugs or weapons
  • Bragging about committing crimes
  • Planning robberies or assaults
  • Recruiting new members
  • Intimidating their victims
  • Planning riots or other violent disturbances

Don’t Be An Easy Target For Law Enforcement On Social Media

Law enforcement officers are constantly on social media watching for criminal activity throughout Michigan. If they perceive that someone is discussing gang activity online, they will seek the cooperation of the social media platform as they investigate further. Many times non-gang members discuss innocent things online in a way that is confusing to police, and they become profiled as a result. If you draw negative attention from the police, it could result in a misunderstanding where you or your loved ones are accidentally considered to be involved in gang activity.

It is very important to practice extreme caution on social media if you or a close friend or relative are under criminal investigation. Many people do not understand that they have given a social media platform free access to their conversations – even those that appear to be private – and these words and posts can be used against them during a prosecution. If you have been arrested, we strongly urge you to refrain from using any social media until your case has been resolved.

Davis Law Group Can Help Protect Your Rights

Police and prosecutors have found social media to be a wealth of information during criminal investigations, and it is often one of the first places they search. Crime on social media has been on the rise lately, and it’s important to understand that your innocent words or actions online can be used against you in a criminal prosecution. Attorney Maurice Davis has helped many people protect their rights while they face serious charges, and we can help you through every part of this challenging process.

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