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Federal Judge Blocks License Suspension for Unpaid Fines

Jan 24, 2018, by Maurice Davis in Legal Blog, Traffic
Judge blocks license suspension for unpaid fines

Over 100,000 people in Michigan may be unable to recover their driver’s licenses due to their inability to pay the court debts that are associated with their traffic tickets. However, a federal judge in Flint has recently ordered an end to the suspension of driver’s licenses due to these fees since it is considered to be an unfair scheme that hits low-income residents the hardest. If you have been pulled over and issued one or more citations, your fines and court fees can add up significantly. A license suspension for unpaid fines can turn your life upside down since it may be nearly impossible to go to work, school, or take care of your family.

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Your Right To Due Process Can Be Violated By Excessive Demands To Pay Court Fees

You are required to pay the necessary fees in order to get your license, and you must also pay any fines that you receive due to traffic violations such as speeding or driving without proper insurance. However, a federal judge recently ruled that Michigan should no longer suspend licenses for inability to pay fines since the manner in which the state carried out this requirement was unfair to those with lower incomes.

The federal judge cited the wealth-based imbalance in the way that the legal system handles traffic court fees by pointing out that those with less means have not equally enjoyed receiving notices that inform them of their right to challenge the threatened revocation of their license, and receiving notification that they can seek court approval to establish a payment plan in order to pay their traffic debts.

Suspending Licenses For Unpaid Fines May Not Help The State’s Budget

While the federal judge in Flint recently declared the state’s scheme to suspend driver’s licenses for unpaid fines to be unconstitutional, the debate over the state’s practices will go on both in court and public discussion. The state argues that these fines must be strictly enforced in order to help make sure that the state recovers sufficient revenue in order to properly fund its budget which helps pay for public safety. Many lawmakers believe that suspending licenses for unpaid fines will make the drivers understand that it’s very important to pay these fines, or else they may suffer serious consequences.

Many who are opposed to the state’s practices of suspending licenses for being unable to pay traffic fines think that these harsh applications of the law do not help the state improve their funding. Instead, they argue the following:

  • Suspending licenses will make it harder for law-abiding citizen to go to work, and therefore harder to earn the money needed to pay the state for traffic fines.
  • Offering payment plans for the poor is not only fair, but it allows the state to safely rely on a more consistent flow of money.
  • Some who loses their license due to inability to pay will still drive anyway. These people are less likely to call authorities if they are in a traffic accident, and make the state less safe.
  • Having payment plans and not suspending licenses for hardship to pay traffic fees will result in fewer people skipping court out of fear of their inability to pay. These individuals will be more likely to go to court and pay the fines they face.

A Detroit Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help

As defense lawyers, we understand that large traffic fines can make your life very difficult, and you may be uncertain about what to do if you are unfairly fined or stripped of your driver’s license. Being unable to legally drive can make it very difficult to get to work in order to provide for your family. You have the right to due process under law, even for traffic violations, and you need a skilled and aggressive lawyer like Maurice Davis to fight for you if your rights have been violated.

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