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Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney for You

Mar 17, 2017, by Maurice Davis in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

Having the right Detroit criminal defense attorney by your side can make all the difference in your case. The right lawyer will protect you from abuse by law enforcement officers and build a strong defense for trial. Ultimately, you are more likely to prove your innocence or minimize the consequences of a guilty plea or conviction with the help of an experienced and compassionate criminal defense lawyer. Yet finding the right criminal defense attorney for you can seem like a challenge with so many lawyers advertising in your area. To discover the lawyer for you, research for a person with the experience and knowledge you need for your case who also demonstrates a commitment to the community.

Maurice Davis of Davis Law Group understands how important it is for you to have an attorney who will amplify your voice, tell your side of the story, and protect your Constitutional rights. To learn how he can help you, call at (313) 818-3238 to schedule a free consultation.

Look for a Lawyer With Experience

When asking about an attorney’s experience, you actually need two separate answers. First, you want to know how long they have been practicing in your state. Second, you should find out how long they have practiced the type of law related to your specific matter. If you are facing charges for a violent felony, a lawyer who specializes in misdemeanors is not right for you. You want someone who not only has years of practice under their belt, but can also offer you experience directly related to what you are facing right now.

Look for a Lawyer Who is Knowledgeable

Lawyers are knowledgeable about the law by default. That does not mean every lawyer is well-studied in defending against the type of offense with which you have been charged. Look for an attorney who consistently defends individuals against the same or similar offense you are facing right now. This ensures you have someone who is not only experienced and knowledgeable by your side, but you have someone who knows exactly what you are up against and what should be done to protect your rights and prove your innocence.

Look for a Lawyer Who Cares

There are a lot of lawyers out there and some care about their community more than others. If you are fighting for your freedom, search for a criminal defense lawyer who genuinely cares about their clients. This is often evident by the lawyer’s interest in their community and how they communicate with you during an initial consultation.

Maurice Davis was a member of the Public Interest Law Society Association while attending Florida State University College of Law. He has worked at legal services clinics dedicated to equal access to justice and as a public defender before beginning his defense practice. Trust your instincts when it comes to finding an attorney who cares about you, your family, and protecting you from overly harsh legal consequences.

Look for a Lawyer Who Fits Your Budget

Experienced criminal defense lawyers provide services at a range of prices. When you are speaking with a potential lawyer, make sure to ask questions regarding their fee structure, such as contingency, hourly or fixed rate, and how much they charge. Also, ask about upfront costs like a retainer or court fees. Before you hire an attorney, you should completely understand your financial obligation to them now and in the future and whether what you need to pay is affected by the outcome of your case.

Keep in mind that an effective criminal defense attorney will help you avoid the most expensive penalties of a crime – losing your job and hefty fines. Although you may have legal fees, those fees may pale in comparison to being unable to obtain a job in the future or difficulty finding affordable housing. A criminal conviction can have many unexpected expenses that an effective Detroit criminal defense attorney can help you avoid.

Contact Davis Law Group for a Consultation

If you are looking for a Detroit criminal defense attorney, contact Davis Law Group as soon as you can. Maurice Davis has years of experience representing individuals in a wide range of criminal matters. From a DUI to a sex crime or assault, Davis is ready to take on your case, no matter where you are in the process or its complexities.

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