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Flint Violent Crimes Lawyer

A violent crime occurs when an offender uses or threatens physical force upon a victim and causes an injury, death, or offensive or unwanted contact. Due to their nature, violent crimes are one of the most vigorously prosecuted cases in Michigan.

If you have been charged with or are under investigation for a violent crime, an experienced Flint violent crimes lawyer at Davis Law Group may represent you in a way that ensures your rights are protected. Aggressive legal representation may reduce the impact a violent crime has on your life and save you from years in prison.

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Types of Violent Crimes

Davis Law Group has helped countless Flint residents achieve positive outcomes for their violent crime cases. Our firm can defend you if you are accused of any type of violent crime. Some of the most common violent crimes we handle include:

  • Assault and battery – The intentional attempt to harm another person is known as assault. Battery, on the other hand, is when actual force is used against another person. Since someone may attempt to harm someone without actually using physical force, they may only be charged with assault. However, the majority of the time, assault and battery are charged together because battery generally comes after assault.
  • Child abuse – Michigan views child abuse as non-accidental physical or mental harm to a child. Parents, teachers, and even clergy members may be accused of child abuse. This offense may include sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and intentional physical or mental injury.
  • Domestic violence – Domestic violence exists when assault and/or battery is committed to a spouse, former spouse, the parent of a child, or a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Murder – First degree, second degree, and felony murder are some of the most serious crimes in Michigan and can lead to a life in prison. Depending on the specifics of the murder case, parole may or may not be an option.
  • Manslaughter – Voluntary manslaughter is when someone kills another human being intentionally. Involuntary manslaughter refers to killing someone unintentionally while committing a misdemeanor or felony. Both instances can lead to lofty fines and years in prison.

Penalties for Violent Crimes in Michigan

The penalties for a violent crime in Michigan are brutal. They can cost you your career, family, and freedom. Although the consequences of violent crime convictions are dependent on the particular circumstances of each case, if convicted of a violent crime, you may owe hefty fines, be stuck with a permanent criminal record, find it tough to land a job or rent a property, or lose your professional license.

If your crime is extremely serious, you may even spend the rest of your life in prison. By consulting a Flint violent crimes attorney as soon as possible, you can understand your legal options and increase your chances of living a normal life in the future.

How a Flint Violent Crimes Attorney From Davis Law Group Can Help

After graduating from law school at Michigan State University, Flint violent crimes lawyer Maurice Davis served as a prosecutor. His experience as a former prosecutor gives him insight into the case that is being formed against you. Maurice Davis has a thorough understanding of how prosecutors approach violent crimes and can build an effective defense strategy as a result.

If you’ve been charged with or are under investigation for any type of violent crime, Davis Law Group is an invaluable resource. We will ensure your interests are protected and work tirelessly to obtain a favorable outcome for your case. You can contact us by phone at (810) 644-5660 or fill out the contact form to arrange a free initial case consultation.