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Going to Court in Macomb County, MI

Jun 30, 2020, by Maurice Davis in Court
Going to Court

Facing criminal charges, even serious traffic violations, can be a stressful time. If you’ve never had trouble with the law, you may not know what to do when you’re going to court in Macomb County, Michigan.

Fortunately, the criminal defense lawyers at Davis Law Group know all about going to court in Macomb County. We will prepare you for what to expect, where to be, and what do when there. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Maurice Davis to fight for the best outcome of your case.

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Courts in Macomb County

Depending on your charges, your proceedings could be held in:

The district courts generally have on-site parking. There’s a parking structure at the circuit court building in Mt. Clemens. Remember that in some locations, on-street parking requires use of the ParkMobile App. If you don’t have a smart phone or don’t understand how to use the app, plan on parking somewhere other than on the street to avoid parking tickets or towing.

Arriving on time for your appearance is essential. Leave home in plenty of time in case there is traffic, parking issues, or bad weather. Your attorney may also ask that you arrive 20-30 minutes ahead of your scheduled court time to discuss your case.

Remember to dress appropriately for your appearance in court. For the district courts, business casual works, just try to avoid jeans and tennis shoes. For circuit court, mean should wear a coat and tie, and women dress clothes. Most importantly, you should be neat, clean, and well-groomed.

When You Are There

Prior to your appearance, your defense attorney from Davis Law Group will let you know what to expect based on what kind of proceeding is scheduled. There are some general tips to always keep in mind when at your court appearance.

  • Be respectful to all parties, no exceptions. Your behavior and manners matter.
  • Don’t speak unless instructed to by your attorney or the Court.
  • Keep your facial expressions neutral no matter what you hear and try not to fidget.
  • Listen to your defense attorney. You’ve hired experienced counsel for a reason. You help us do our best when you follow our advice.
  • Plan on meeting with your counsel after your appearance to discuss next steps.

If You’re Going to Court, You’ll Want Us with You

Don’t try to go it alone when you have criminal legal trouble. Davis Law Group understands the seriousness of a criminal charge and the effect it could have on your life. The defense attorneys in our firm have extensive experience defending clients against criminal charges in Macomb County, Michigan.

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