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Going to Court in Washtenaw County, MI

Sep 26, 2020, by Maurice Davis in Court
Going to Court

Sometimes a simple mistake can land you in hot water with the law. Suddenly you find yourself, perhaps for the first time, with the prospect of going to Washtenaw County, Michigan. It’s important to understand what the legal process is when you face criminal charges.

Fortunately, the criminal defense lawyers at Davis Law Group know all about going to court in Washtenaw County. Veteran criminal defense lawyer Maurice Davis will prepare you for what to expect, where to be, and what do when there. He will also fight for the very best outcome possible for your criminal case.

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Courts in Washtenaw County

Depending on your charges, your proceedings could be held in:

The Washtenaw Circuit Court and 15th District Court share a large building at on East Huron Street in Ann Arbor. There are commercial parking lots behind the courthouse and a few blocks to the east, south, and west of it. For satellite district courts, those locations typically have onsite parking.

Make sure you know which court your proceeding is in and how to get there. Leave home in plenty of time in case there is traffic, parking issues, or bad weather. You want to arrive at least 20-30 minutes early. Your attorney may need to speak to you prior to court as well.

Prior to leaving home, take some care in selecting what you’ll wear. Dress appropriately. Courtroom Etiquette & Attire in Washtenaw County prohibits:

  • Baggy pants that fall below the hips
  • Cut-off jeans
  • Halter top
  • Hats (except those worn for religious purposes)
  • Micro-mini skirt
  • Muscle shirts
  • Pants with holes
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts with vulgar or profane words, depicting violence or sexual acts, promoting drug or alcohol use
  • Tank tops

In addition to wearing the appropriate clothing, always be neat, clean, and well-groomed.

Don’t forget to remove any weapons, even if licensed, from your pockets or bags. Prohibited items also include sharp instruments.
Also don’t bring in food, beverages, chewing gum, or tobacco, or newspapers. If possible, do not bring children with you. The court may also require you to turn off any electronics.

When You Are There

Before you arrive, your defense attorney from Davis Law Group will let you know what to expect based on what kind of proceeding is scheduled. In addition, there are some general tips to always keep in mind when at your court appearance.

  • Show respect to all parties, no exceptions. Your manners matter.
  • Don’t talk. Your attorney or the Court will tell you when to speak.
  • Don’t fidget and your facial expressions should be neutral.
  • Listen to your defense attorney. That’s why you hired one!
  • Plan on meeting with your counsel after your appearance to discuss next steps.

If You’re Going to Court, You’ll Want Us with You

You may be concerned and nervous about going to court in Washtenaw County. That is understandable. Anytime you are dealing with the judicial system the matter is serious and that’s why you need experienced defense attorneys like those at Davis Law Group. If you are facing criminal charges in Washtenaw County, contact Davis Law Group today at (313) 818-3238 for a free case consultation.