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How To Get the Best Criminal Defense in Michigan

Mar 12, 2021, by Maurice Davis in Criminal Defense
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You can get the best criminal defense in Michigan by finding the right attorney for you. Not every attorney is perfect for every situation or every person. It’s important to ask questions and determine if the attorney knows enough about the criminal charges you’re facing.

Attorney Maurice Davis of Davis Law Group has handled hundreds of criminal defense cases throughout Michigan. To find out if he is right for you, call (313) 818-3238 or use our online contact form to schedule an initial consultation.

Your Attorney Should Understand the Law

All attorneys have gone to law school, but that doesn’t mean they know the specific law applicable to your case. If you face a criminal charge in Michigan, you need an attorney who is licensed in Michigan.

Furthermore, if you face a drug charge, you need a criminal defense attorney who has handled plenty of drug cases. Drug laws are different than trespassing laws. There are different elements, and they need to be investigated uniquely. You need someone who is an expert in the specific type of charges you’re facing.

Find a Lawyer Who Knows How Prosecutors Operate

Prosecutors will be presenting the case against you. They will take evidence and make it seem like you are guilty. They will even threaten you to get you to admit you committed a crime. You need to work with someone who knows how prosecutors operate to develop a strong defense against those tactics.

Attorney Maurice Davis worked as an assistant state attorney in Macon County, Illinois, before opening his criminal defense practice. He focused on prosecution and has experience with jury trials, bench trials, negotiating plea agreements, and arguing motions. He has the background and experience to fight back against prosecutors trying to pin a crime on you.

Your Attorney Needs To Listen To You

Some attorneys take as many cases as they can just to make a few bucks. However, they don’t take the time needed to get to know their clients and develop a defense based on their real story.

Attorney Maurice Davis will listen to you first. He will sit down with you, listen to your story, and help you develop a defense based on what happened.

Your Attorney Should Know the Judges and Court Staff

Every judge, magistrate, and court operates differently. Your attorney must know how to appease judges and magistrates to get their good favor. Although appeasing judges cannot win a case, it can make them more considerate of motions to extend deadlines and other similar requests.

Court staff has a lot more power than many people think. It’s essential to file documents appropriately and within the deadlines that have been specified. Court personnel can help you accomplish those tasks.

Attorney Maurice Davis knows local judges, magistrates, and court staff. He has made it his job to work alongside the judicial personnel in Detroit and surrounding areas. He will make sure your case is given a fair chance in court.

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