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How Your Detroit Criminal Attorney Will Prepare for Trial

Aug 27, 2020, by Maurice Davis in Court, Criminal Defense
How Your Detroit Criminal Attorney Will Prepare for Trial

If you’re facing criminal charges, your defense attorney first will work hard to resolve the matter without a trial. Most criminal matters are resolved prior to an actual trial. For example, charges could be dismissed after motions to suppress evidence, through plea bargain, or simply by negotiations with the prosecutor.

But sometimes, trial can’t be avoided. Should you find yourself facing a criminal trial, you must work closely with experienced Michigan defense attorneys like those at Davis Law Group.We will fight to protect your rights and get the best possible outcome at trial. To achieve optimal results, we take trial preparation very seriously and our results speak for themselves.

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Building the Case Foundation

Once it appears all other efforts to resolve your charges have failed, we will begin trial prep in earnest. Understand that all the previous work done on your case has not been wasted. The facts and evidence gathered will lay the foundation of your defense.

Your Detroit criminal attorney will gather additional facts prior to trial by various methods, including:

  • Frequent, in-depth, and collaborative discussions with you regarding your case. Some of the things you’ll go through are not just a timeline of events, but what you were thinking and feeling, whether drugs and/or alcohol were involved, and if there’s a victim in the case, whether there is a history between the two of you.
  • Reviewing the “discovery” in the case. Discovery is an exchange of information between the parties. It can include documents such as the arrest report and witness statements. Under the rules, called “criminal procedure,” the state must disclose all its evidence prior to trial. By seeing evidence before trial, we can determine what defenses you have and make sure the police and prosecutor have given you due process in the proceedings. Through careful review, we could even have a basis of objecting to evidence or witnesses at trial.
  • Depending on how serious the case is, we may conduct some independent investigation as well. Remember that we have both your version of events and the state’s. From that we may uncover additional information, evidence, or witnesses that could help us with your defense.

Consultants and Experts

Once we understand the framework of the facts as applied to your charges, we’ll determine defense strategies. This means we’ll use the information you’ve given about events and undermine how the prosecutors are presenting their case. Sometimes, depending on the complexity or the seriousness of the case, our criminal defense attorneys may seek out consultants and experts to help.

These helpers could include:

  • Expert witnesses in various fields, including doctors, lab techs, forensic scientists, and psychologists.
  • Trial consultants who may have expertise in social sciences, the law, or psychology.
  • Jury consultants for help to select a fair, unbiased panel that will uphold their oath as jurors.

Your attorney, consultants, and experts form your defense team. They work collaboratively to give you the strongest defense possible.

Criminal Trials Need Experienced Criminal Attorneys

When you’re facing a criminal trial, everything is on the line. Without an experienced criminal trial attorney, you could face imprisonment, fines, and more adverse consequences. Consider the collateral damage of a criminal conviction, too. You will have a record that could prevent you owning a firearm, getting a job, going into the military, getting into higher education, even preventing you from living where you want. If you engage a dedicated criminal trial attorney from Davis Law Group, we will work hard to win your acquittal.

You must act quickly. There are rules about criminal trial procedure and deadlines that must be met. If you need a lawyer for your trial, contact us right away so we can get to work. Consultations are free.

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