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Need to Get Bail in Detroit, MI? Here’s How

Apr 04, 2022, by Maurice Davis in Criminal Defense
Judge with gavel being paid bond money

Bail is cash, a bond, or collateral that an arrested individual gives the court not to secure their release from jail. In exchange for posting bail, you agree to all terms and court dates related to your criminal charges and, if necessary, a trial.

There’s a lot of debate around rampant inequity in our bail system, where people with means can pay and go about their lives while dealing with charges, while those without stay in custody without being convicted.

The Michigan bail system is still a reality many people must face. Read on to learn more about securing bail, finding a reputable bail bond agent, and how a lawyer can help.

Making Bail After an Arrest

Depending on the crime, many station houses have standard bail schedules for common offenses. You might be able to go home within a few hours of your arrest rather than waiting to see a judge.

If you are not eligible for standard bail, you’ll have to wait for a preliminary hearing.

Types of Bail

According to the Wayne County Clerk of Court, there are four ways to secure or raise bail in Detroit.

Cash Bail

Pay the full bail amount ordered by the court. Bail for misdemeanor crimes is lower than felonies. Simply go to the bail office, pay, and leave.

Provided you make all required appearances, you’ll receive a refund, minus administration and processing fees.

Surety Bonds

If you cannot afford cash bail, you can go to a bonding agency (called bail bondsman or bonding agent). You put forth collateral that ensures the bonding agency will get their money back if you flee the jurisdiction (jump bail).

10% Bonds

When the bail bondsman is satisfied that you’re good for the money, they’ll post a ten percent bond to the court. The bonding agent returns your property or collateral after your case is over and you’ve made all required appearances.

However, the bail bondsman keeps the 10%.

Personal Bonds

A personal bond is your promise to appear in court at the required time. This is sometimes called a release on your “own recognizance,” or OR.

What to Look for in a Bail Bondsman

Michigan must license bail bond agencies. A reputable bail agent should:

  • Show you their professional license to work legally in Detroit and Wayne County.
  • Treat you (or your representative) with respect and consideration.
  • Ensure that you understand your responsibilities if you move forward with the transaction.

The Wayne County Third Circuit Court has a list of approved surety bond agents here.

Benefits of an Attorney

The above information is a basic summary of getting bail in Detroit. However, you should consider the anxiety and loss of control that many people experience after an arrest. Police officers and stationhouse personnel are not there to help you stay out of jail – but a criminal defense attorney is.

An experienced Detroit criminal defense lawyer helps you arrange your release. In some instances, they can pursue a personal bond, eliminating the need for you to pay cash or put up collateral for bail. And like any other administrative process, bail is not always applied accurately.

If your bail is too high or inappropriate to your crime, an attorney can articulate the mistake and guide you through the entire process.

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