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Going to Court in Genesee County, MI

Jun 23, 2020, by Maurice Davis in Court, Criminal Defense
Going to Court

People may believe they are familiar with the judicial system because entertainment programing is filled with crime, trials, and lawyers. But real-life doesn’t look much like you see on screen and watching “Suits” won’t help when you’re going to court in Genesee County, Michigan.

Fortunately, the criminal defense lawyers at Davis Law Group know all about going to court in Genesee County and can help prepare you for what to expect, where to be, and what do when there. Criminal defense lawyer Maurice Davis will put his vast experience to work for you and fight for the best outcome of your case. The sooner our firm is handling your case, the better your chances in court.

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Courts in Genesee County

Depending on your charges, your proceedings could be held in:

  • The 67th District Court of Genesee County, which has jurisdiction over parking citations, traffic violations, criminal misdemeanors, preliminary examinations in felony cases, landlord tenant, small claims, and general civil cases of less than $25,000 in damages. Currently, the court has 11 elected judges, four appointed magistrates, nine probation officers, and 50 staff.
  • The 7th Judicial Circuit Court, which is a court of general jurisdiction and is divided into two divisions, civil-criminal and family. The court tries all felony criminal cases. There are 10 judges in this Court, four of whom handled domestic matters.

Each court has locations in downtown Flint – the 67th District Court at 630 S. Saginaw Street and a few blocks down the 7th Judicial Circuit Court at 900 S. Saginaw Street. There is plenty of metered and paid lot parking options around both. Should you need to eat, several restaurants and coffee shops are close by. Just remember that there may be some restrictions on hours and services due to COVID-19.

The 67th District Court also has locations throughout the county for convenience. These include the Fenton Court, Mt. Morris Court, Davison Court, Burton Court, Flushing Court, and Grand Blanc Court. If your proceedings are held at any of these sites, your counsel will make sure you know so there are no mix-ups.

Plan on giving yourself plenty of time so that you arrive to court at least 30 minutes before your case is scheduled. That way if there is traffic, parking issues, or bad weather, you will still arrive prior to when your case is called. Also, your attorney may need to confer with you prior to court so arriving early is best.

Remember to dress appropriately for your appearance in court. For the 67th District Court, business casual works, just try to avoid jeans and tennis shoes. But for proceedings in the 7th Judicial Circuit you must follow the dress code set forth by the Court. In particular, you cannot wear shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweat suits, jogging suits, or similar attire, hats, sunglasses, or outdoor jackets (if appearing formally before the court), and no baggy pants or pants dragging on ground.

When You Are There

Prior to your appearance, your defense attorney from Davis Law Group will let you know what to expect based on what kind of proceeding is scheduled. There are some general tips to always keep in mind when at your court appearance.

  • Be respectful to all parties, no exceptions. How you behave and the manners you display matter.
  • Don’t speak unless instructed to by your attorney or the Court.
  • Try not to fidget and keep your facial expressions neutral no matter what you hear.
  • Listen to your defense attorney. You’ve hired experienced counsel for a reason. You help us do our best when you follow our advice.
  • Leave time in your schedule to stick around afterward to discuss next steps.

If You’re Going to Court, You’ll Want Us with You

Even a “minor” criminal matter is a major life event and should be treated as such. Davis Law Group understands the seriousness of a criminal charge and the effect it could have on your life. The defense attorneys in our firm have extensive experience defending clients against criminal charges. Don’t try to figure it out on your own when we are here to help.

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