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Genesee County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Davis Law Group is committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for its clients throughout Genesee County. With offices in Flint, Genesee County criminal defense lawyer Maurice Davis will bring his extensive legal experience directly to your case. Whether you’ve been charged with drunk driving, or as a separate traffic violation, Michigan criminal defense attorney Maurice Davis will fight to reduce your charges or even get them dismissed.

When researching criminal defense attorneys, it’s important to know how an attorney or law group can help. Davis Law Group has extensive experience defending clients against criminal charges. Attorney Davis, furthermore, has practical insight into a prosecutor’s methods, having started his legal career as a prosecutor, himself. Contact Davis Law Group today at to learn more about how our Michigan criminal defense attorneys can help you.

Protecting the Legal Rights of Everyone

  • Fair Trial For All — Everyone deserves a fair trial, but all too frequently people don’t get the court case they deserve. At Davis Law Group, we are committed to protecting the rights of our clients and to ensuring that they are presumed innocent until proven guilty.
  • Judicious Defense — We know that the outcome of a case can have a major impact on a client’s life, which is why we tackle each case strategically to ensure the best outcome for you. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to go to trial; a case could be dismissed due to inadmissible evidence, poor police conduct, or even prosecutorial wrongdoing.
  • Client Relationship – The Davis Law Group is a small law firm that prides itself on the personal attention it brings to clients. At Davis Law Group, we work one-on-one with our clients and give them individual attention. A strong attorney-client relationship makes for a stronger defense.

Defending Your Case

At Davis Law Group, we fight aggressively to defend your case. A prosecutor must be able to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that you committed a crime. Two methods of defense involve preventing the prosecution from presenting evidence and proving your version of events.

  • Proving Your Case — We will work with you to collect evidence and find witnesses to prove your version of events. By proving your story, we can call into question the prosecution’s version of what happened.
  • Questioning Evidence — We will consider the prosecution’s evidence and the method by which they acquired that evidence. If their evidence was possessed through unlawful activity, that evidence is inadmissible. In such cases, we will fight to prevent the prosecution from using that evidence as part of their case.
  • Examining Statements — Sometimes a prosecution will rely on statements you made to police when you were arrested. If a police officer failed to read you your Miranda rights, however, these statements cannot be used against you. We’ll look into the evidence the prosecution uses in order to uncover any such inadmissible evidence.

Attorney Maurice Davis, founder of Davis Law Group and Michigan criminal defense attorney, proudly serves Genesee County. If you are located in Flint and are in need of legal counsel relating to your criminal charges, call Maurice Davis at today.

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