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What Detroit Prosecutors Don’t Want You to Know about DUIs

Nov 09, 2019, by Maurice Davis in DUI, OWI, Traffic
DUI charges

Thousands of Michigan residents are injured in DUI related car accidents every year, and police seek to detain as many intoxicated drivers as possible. The prosecution has a lot of power in deciding where your case goes, and how big of an impact it will have on your life. The prosecution in your DUI case may aggressively pursue a serious punishment after your arrest. Cases involving DUIs in Detroit are always unique, and your lawyer must understand the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case. Our experience in defending those arrested for DUIs can help make sure that your case ends quickly and in a manner that allows for you to move on with your life.

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You Have the Right to Have a Lawyer Through the Entire Process

Each DUI arrest has its own unique details, and it’s understandable for anyone to be confused about what to do in the days that follow. We strongly encourage you to call your lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested. Michigan law enforcement agencies make thousands of DUI arrests every year, and therefore they may give you the impression that this is routine. However, having experienced legal counsel will greatly help you navigate the entire process. Our firm’s goal is to have our client’s charges reduced or dropped, and this work begins right away after an arrest. Your lawyer can be of great help through the following steps:

  • Arraignment: This hearing is where you are formally charged with a crime. While you don’t need a lawyer here, this is a great opportunity for your legal counsel to learn about your case and what evidence the prosecution will have.
  • Pretrial hearings: Michigan DUI cases often have two or more pretrial hearings. Here your lawyer can negotiate for reduced or dropped charges while also receiving updates on the prosecutor’s case.
  • Trial: Most DUI cases don’t go to trial, but letting the prosecutor know that you are ready for trial may encourage them to offer you an excellent plea deal. Detroit area prosecutors understand that our firm has the experience necessary to win cases in court.

Taking Your Case to Trial Generally Does Not Enhance the Risks You Face

Many people worry that fighting their case may bring about a risk of a severe penalty should they fail in court. This is not necessarily true. Michigan laws allow for the prosecution to be very aggressive when handling a DUI case. This means that given their strong position in a pretrial negotiation, the prosecutor can work to deliver a harsh penalty. While taking your case to trial can result in successfully clearing your name, it can take longer and cost more. The pros and cons of fighting your case are things that you must discuss with your lawyer. A DUI on your permanent record can also result in the following:

  • Jail time: Up to three months for a first offense. Second and subsequent offenses can result in over a year in prison.
  • Fines: First DUI offenses can bring about fines up to $500, but subsequent offenses often result in thousands of dollars in fines.
  • Loss of driver’s license: Even a first DUI will result in at least 30 days of suspension for your driving privileges. You can permanently lose your license after multiple DUIs.

Police Officers Often Make for Poor Witnesses in DUI Cases

Law enforcement officers must take many steps in order to properly conduct a DUI arrest. While we hope that they are acting in good faith, it’s very common for them to make one or several errors. Studies by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration have found that officers in numerous states make critical mistakes in about 10% of field sobriety tests. These tests include walk and turn, standing on one leg, and the use of machines such as breathalyzers. There are countless other mistakes that police can make which may severely harm your civil rights. Problems that prosecutors have when bringing police as witnesses in DUI cases include:

  • Police can’t always recall the details: Poor note taking or the inability to remember important details of your arrest can severely damage the prosecutor’s case against you. Your charges should be dropped if police failed to protect your rights when you were detained.
  • Officers are not always prepared for trial: The schedules of police and prosecutors will often not allow for them to take time beforehand and prepare their testimony in your case. On the other hand, you and your lawyer might have a great advantage if you work together to build a strong defense against your arrest.
  • Police and prosecutors don’t always understand the science involved: Proving intoxication with a physical or chemical test requires making sure there are no mistakes which can unfairly harm the defendant. Unlike many officers or prosecutors, our experienced Detroit defense team understands the science involved in your case.

Davis Law Group Can Help You After a DUI Arrest

Prosecutors have a lot of pressure to hand out harsh penalties for DUIs in Detroit. For this reason, it’s important that you act quickly to protect your rights from an overly aggressive prosecution. Many DUI cases are weak and built on evidence that might not have been properly collected. While your case may initially seem desperate, a skilled Michigan defense lawyer can use their experience as they seek to have your charges reduced or dropped all together. Do not hesitate to call your lawyer after you or a loved one have been arrested for DUI in Detroit.

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