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Person using marijuana in car

Driving With Marijuana in Michigan

Feb 24, 2022 in DUI, Marijuana

Since Michigan legalized marijuana in 2018, the conversation around impaired driving has gotten more complicated. New laws made it legal for people 21 and older to grow, use, and own marijuana. As dispensaries popped up across the state, questions started piling up. Can you drive…

Handcuffs and alcohol

5 Ways to Improve Your Case After a Detroit OVI

Jan 02, 2020 in DUI, OWI

From the moment you get pulled over until the time your case is heard in court, you can several take steps to improve your OWI case outcome. Some of these steps are quite simple, yet many people fail to take advantage of them. A drunk…

Gavel in a court room

DUI Trials in Detroit: Should I Take My Case to Court?

Dec 24, 2019 in DUI, Traffic

Being pulled over and subjected to sobriety tests is very stressful. The police officers who detain you will probably remind you that Michigan DUI laws are strict. It’s important to follow their orders as best as you can. Those arrested often wonder about their options…