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recreational marijuana

Marijuana & Your Gun Rights in Michigan

Apr 18, 2022 in Firearms Charges, Marijuana

The differences between state and federal marijuana laws have left many confused. While many states, including Michigan, have legalized marijuana, it remains unlawful at the federal level. This complicates several things, including your right to own a firearm. Learn what happens if you smoke marijuana…

Person using marijuana in car

Driving With Marijuana in Michigan

Feb 24, 2022 in DUI, Marijuana

Since Michigan legalized marijuana in 2018, the conversation around impaired driving has gotten more complicated. New laws made it legal for people 21 and older to grow, use, and own marijuana. As dispensaries popped up across the state, questions started piling up. Can you drive…

Doctor prescribing medical marijuana

Can I Use Medical Marijuana on Probation?

Jan 28, 2022 in Drug Crimes, Marijuana

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act made marijuana legal for medicinal use in 2008, while the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act made marijuana legal for recreational use in 2018. Despite these allowable uses, your ability to use medical and recreational marijuana becomes complicated if…

Smiling woman smoking marijuana

Michigan Recreational Marijuana: What You Need to Know

Jul 07, 2021 in Marijuana

Michigan legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2018, making it the first midwestern state to approve adult-use cannabis. However, Michigan has strict guidelines to regulate who may consume, grow, or sell recreational marijuana. You could be charged and convicted if you violate recreational marijuana laws….

Marijuana leaf

Driving While High Laws – Marijuana DWI in Detroit

Nov 21, 2019 in Drug Crimes, Marijuana, OWI

Recreational marijuana users throughout the Detroit area rejoiced when Michigan became one of 11 US states that legalized pot for adults back in November 2018. They join the thousands of medical marijuana patients who can now consume cannabis-based products without fear of criminal charges. However,…