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Reducing a Drug Charge in Michigan

Jul 27, 2020, by Maurice Davis in Criminal Defense, Drug Crimes
Reducing a Drug Charge in Michigan

Most states have stiff penalties for drug-related convictions and Michigan is no different. Repeat offenses with certain drugs can even mean life in prison! Besides incarceration, there are hefty fines, and the consequences that come with having a criminal record.

To avoid not only the chance of harsh sentencing, but also collateral damage from drug convictions, you need a criminal defense attorney to fight for you. At Davis Law Group, our Michigan attorneys understand how life-changing a drug conviction can be and will work hard to get your charges dismissed, and if that isn’t possible, to get them reduced.

To have the best chance of your charges being dismissed or reduced, however, remember two things:

  1. Do not speak to officers or prosecutors. Invoke your right to a silence upon arrest.
  2. Exercise your right to an attorney.

If you’ve been charged with a drug offense, don’t delay in seeking our help. Contact us at (313) 818-3238 for a free case consultation.

Getting Charges Dropped or Dismissed

Once you are represented by our firm, we will get to work on your defense. We will gather facts from you and get evidence the state has compiled. By comparing your version of events to the state’s we can look for defenses that can result in charges being dropped or dismissed by prosecutors.

For example, if you were charged with “constructive possession” (i.e., the drugs were allegedly in your control but not on your person) after drugs were found in your apartment, your defense attorney could create reasonable doubt they were yours by explaining to prosecutors that you have three roommates. If the state doesn’t think it could prove it’s case, it may have the charge dropped.

Another way the Davis Law Group criminal defense attorneys could get your drug charges dismissed, is to argue a procedural error, such as an invalid search and seizure. If police violated your Constitutional rights and performed an illegal search, there’s a legal doctrine called the “fruit of the poisonous tree” that throws out all the evidence gathered.

Other ways charges might be dropped or dismissed, is if witnesses for the prosecution are uncooperative or inconsistent. By interviewing the prosecution witnesses prior to trial, we will know if there are problems with their testimonies and can point that out to the state. Prosecutors could decide the case is weak and decide not to pursue.

Plea Deals for Reduced Charges

If we can’t get the charges dismissed or dropped, we’ll work to have them reduced to the lowest charges possible. Getting the charges reduced helps you to avoid the harshest penalties. Although television and movies make it seem as if everyone charged with a crime goes to trial, the truth is most cases do not and are resolved through plea deals in which reduced charges predominate.

Because criminal defense attorney Maurice Davis was formerly a prosecutor, he understands the system very well. He knows how to talk to prosecutors to get the best plea deal possible. He knows that prosecutors want to resolve matters prior to trial to save money and the possibility of a bad outcome. Accordingly, they are willing to offer reduced charges.

By pleading to reduced charges, you will face less possible time locked up, lower fines, and shorter probation periods. In addition, if your charges are reduced to where there is no incarceration, it could save your job and prevent any loss or restriction on your child custody.

For those with first offenses, our criminal defense attorneys can work to get you into alternative sentencing programs that provide substance abuse treatment and a chance to have a clean record.

Facing a Michigan Drug Charge? We Can Help

Unfortunately, criminal charges involving drugs are common in Michigan and convictions bring harsh penalties. It is a very serious matter if you are facing drug charges and you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. Having the Davis Law Group fighting for you can make all the difference to your case outcome. We can work to have your charges dismissed and if that isn’t possible, that they are reduced as low as possible.

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