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Drug Crimes Attorney Maurice Davis Handles at Davis Law Group

Mar 06, 2021, by Maurice Davis in Drug Crimes
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Drug crimes are harshly punished in Detroit. Don’t face the court system alone. Attorney Maurice Davis handles all types of drug crimes, and he can help you navigate an accusation against you.

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Misdemeanor Drug Crimes

You might think a misdemeanor is no big deal, but any drug crime should be taken seriously. Even a charge for the use of a controlled substance can land you in jail with thousands in fines.

Misdemeanor crimes typically result in less than a year in jail. However, if it’s your first offense, your attorney may be able to negotiate alternative penalties for you. The prosecutor may be willing to allow you to go to a drug treatment program or serve time at home instead of sitting in jail.

You might also face a driver’s license suspension for something as minor as possession of a Schedule 5 drug, such as LSD, peyote, mescaline, DMT, Psilocin, or Psilocybin. Attorney Maurice Davis will help you avoid the harshest penalties that can negatively impact your life.

Felony Drug Crimes

Many drug crimes are originally charged at a felony level. That means you will be facing more than a year in prison as well as many other harsh penalties. Common felony drug crimes that Davis Law Group defends against include:

When dealing with a felony offense, you need a skilled attorney who understands the law and can get you the best deal possible. You may be able to negotiate these charges down to misdemeanor offenses or get them dismissed entirely.

Federal Drug Crimes

Drug charges may also be brought against you by the federal government instead of state authorities. Federal drug offenses can be more severe in nature and may have harsher penalties. Federal prisons can be dangerous places, certainly to be avoided.

There are certain situations in which a crime may be considered federal. A crime might be federal if it occurred on federal property or across state lines. For example, if you transport the drug from Ohio to Michigan, federal authorities, including the DEA, may become involved.

Penalties for federal drug crimes often involve mandatory minimum sentences. That’s why it’s essential to defend yourself against these accusations. Attorney Maurice Davis will negotiate your charges down as low as possible and try to get them dismissed.

Call Davis Law Group if You Are Facing Drug Charges

Many people who face drug crimes do not have a criminal record, or their actions are not violent in nature. They should not be punished harshly.

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