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Why You Need an Attorney for a Misdemeanor Drug Charge

Jan 13, 2021, by Maurice Davis in Drug Crimes
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When you hear “misdemeanor” with the name of a crime, you might think it’s not a big deal. Misdemeanor means that the possible sentence includes up to two years in jail for a “high court” misdemeanor. Do you want to spend any time in jail? Could you keep your job if you had to take off three months? How long can your family go without your income?

Why you should hire a criminal defense attorney when you face a misdemeanor drug charge mostly boils down to the fact that you lack the knowledge and ability to protect yourself, your family, and your future. The Davis Law Group has helped hundreds of clients who’ve been arrested, and they can help you too.

You Don’t Know Criminal Law

Whether you pay fines and spend months in jail depends on whether the prosecution carries its burden and proves beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. Do you know what elements need to be proven to be convicted? Do you know the difference between what you’ve been charged with and lesser crimes that may apply? Your freedom and ability to support yourself and your family depends on knowledge of a complex and ever-changing area of law.

You Don’t Know Criminal Law Procedure

How well do you know the Michigan court process? Do you know what will be done at what step? Do you know what you need to do, and when? Failing to do or say things at critical points in the process can result in a loss of your rights, a conviction, and the ability to appeal a decision against you.

You Don’t Know Constitutional Law

When you think about constitutional law, you might think about free speech, freedom of religion, or your right to bear arms. Few people realize that some of the most critical constitutional protections involve the criminal justice system. If your constitutional rights are violated, it can result in evidence being excluded, charges being dropped or reduced. If a police officer or prosecutor violated your constitutional rights, would you realize it?

You Don’t Know How To Negotiate a Plea Bargain

Plea bargain agreements resolve most criminal charges. Generally, that means a defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a given sentence or pleads guilty to a lesser crime with a reduced penalty. Through these agreements, both sides avoid the time, effort, expense, and uncertainty of a trial. How confident are you of your negotiating skills, given spending time in jail may be on the line? Would you know the difference between a terrible and generous plea bargain agreement?

You Don’t Know Whether the Prosecution’s Case Against You and Your Defense Is Strong

Criminal defense is about managing risks. You risk going to jail, and the prosecution risks spending limited resources on a case where you go free. To address that risk, you must know what you’re facing and make decisions to protect yourself best. Though you may see dramatic courtroom drama on TV and in movies, often what breathes life into or cripples criminal charges is an investigation into the facts. We know the potential weaknesses in a case and see if they can be pushed hard enough to break. It may result in a case being dismissed before a trial or provide a plea bargain agreement that’s easy to accept. Without knowing how strong your hand is or what cards the prosecutor is holding, you’ll have to guess what you should do next. If you make the wrong choice, you may end up in jail.

Your Future Is at Stake

Depending on the drug charge, you could spend time in jail and pay a hefty fine if convicted. You could also lose your job, and it may be challenging to find another one. If you’re arrested again in the future, your record can make penalties harsher. You may have made mistakes in the past that lead to your arrest. Don’t make your situation worse by making another mistake and not hiring Maurice Davis.

If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor drug offense, Maurice Davis wants to meet with you for a free, confidential consultation. He will treat you with respect, listen to your story, discuss the challenges you face, and explain how he can help.

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