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DUI Trials in Detroit: Should I Take My Case to Court?

Dec 24, 2019 in DUI, Traffic

Being pulled over and subjected to sobriety tests is very stressful. The police officers who detain you will probably remind you that Michigan DUI laws are strict. It’s important to follow their orders as best as you can. Those arrested often wonder about their options…

Arrested With Fentanyl in Detroit? Davis Law Group Can Help

Dec 09, 2019 in Drug Crimes

Michigan law enforcement is constantly looking to arrest people who have illegal drugs in their possession. Use of narcotics such as fentanyl can land a person in police custody. However, the manufacture, transport, or sale of illegal substances can have significant consequences that may impact…

Driving While High Laws – Marijuana DWI in Detroit

Nov 21, 2019 in Drug Crimes, Marijuana, OWI

Recreational marijuana users throughout the Detroit area rejoiced when Michigan became one of 11 US states that legalized pot for adults back in November 2018. They join the thousands of medical marijuana patients who can now consume cannabis-based products without fear of criminal charges. However,…