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Can I Expunge My Criminal Record in Michigan?

Mar 19, 2020 in Expungement

Whether you can expunge your criminal record in Michigan depends on the type and number of offenses and how much time has passed since they were committed. But the application process for getting an expungement or having a criminal record sealed can be complicated and…

New Criminal Laws in Michigan in 2020

Feb 28, 2020 in Criminal Defense

Michigan’s state legislature has recently passed several new criminal laws that deal with juvenile delinquency, sports betting, vaping, and civil asset forfeiture. Overall, these new laws represent a step in the right direction for a state that for many years has maintained harsh and old…

Violent Crime Statistics in Detroit

Feb 27, 2020 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

Detroit has been named Michigan’s most dangerous city, according to statistics collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In terms of violent crimes, the city ranks near the top of the list nationally. Davis Law Group possesses the knowledge and skills to help you…

FAQ for Nurses in Michigan Charged with OWI

Jan 15, 2020 in OWI

A drunk driving conviction can put your nursing career at risk. The Michigan Board of Nursing may take disciplinary action against you, such as refusing to renew your license if you have multiple charges for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), or even a single OWI charge…

5 Ways to Improve Your Case After a Detroit OVI

Jan 02, 2020 in DUI, OWI

From the moment you get pulled over until the time your case is heard in court, you can several take steps to improve your OWI case outcome. Some of these steps are quite simple, yet many people fail to take advantage of them. A drunk…