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What Should I Do If Someone Plants Evidence on Me?

Nov 24, 2020 in Criminal Defense

Many people who commit crimes try to avoid the consequences by placing the blame on others. This might happen if someone plants evidence on you, leaves something related to a crime in your home or car, or otherwise causes the police to suspect you are…

Going to Court in Wayne County, MI

Oct 26, 2020 in Court

It’s important to understand what the legal process is when you face criminal charges. Going to court in Wayne County, Michigan is a serious matter and you’ll want to be prepared by reviewing important information and having a criminal defense attorney on your side. Fortunately,…

What You Should Know About Michigan’s New Clean Slate Law

Oct 23, 2020 in Expungement

Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently signed a landmark Clean Slate Law into effect, marking an important turning point for expungement systems around the country. Expungement of one’s criminal record allows past convicted criminals to find gainful employment, rent and/or buy a house, and enjoy other liberties…