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Michigan Recreational Marijuana: What You Need to Know

Jul 07, 2021 in Marijuana

Michigan legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2018, making it the first midwestern state to approve adult-use cannabis. However, Michigan has strict guidelines to regulate who may consume, grow, or sell recreational marijuana. You could be charged and convicted if you violate recreational marijuana laws….

Will I Go Back to Jail for a Parole Violation?

Jun 26, 2021 in Criminal Defense

Michigan recently passed several criminal justice reforms, which went into effect this year. If you’re on probation or parole or facing criminal charges, talk to a lawyer about what these reforms mean for you. You might return to jail for a parole violation. It depends…

Can I Get Probation Instead of Going to Jail?

Jun 12, 2021 in Criminal Defense

When facing criminal charges, most people want to know how to avoid jail time. Sometimes, the law requires a minimum time in jail or prison. In other cases, it is possible to get probation by pleading guilty to a reduced charge. Regardless of the specifics,…

How Criminal Charges Impact Child Custody

May 11, 2021 in Criminal Defense

In Michigan, criminal charges can impact child custody matters. Those who are charged with crimes are already facing the possibility of time behind bars. Now they must face the possibility of losing their kids, too. If you’re like most parents, your kids are your whole…