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Need to Get Bail in Detroit, MI? Here’s How

Apr 04, 2022 in Criminal Defense

Bail is cash, a bond, or collateral that an arrested individual gives the court not to secure their release from jail. In exchange for posting bail, you agree to all terms and court dates related to your criminal charges and, if necessary, a trial. There’s…

Should I Plead Guilty to Domestic Violence?

Mar 25, 2022 in Domestic Violence

Being accused of domestic violence is never easy. You understandably don’t want to be labeled as a violent person, and maybe you were falsely accused or defending yourself. And while everyone’s situation and circumstances are different, a plea offer could sometimes prove to be the…

Can You Sue the Police for a False Arrest?

Mar 09, 2022 in Criminal Defense

Although police make arrests frequently, that doesn’t mean they have the power to do so without due cause. False arrests can hinder your career and future opportunities. When your civil rights have been violated from a false arrest, you may be able to take legal…

Driving With Marijuana in Michigan

Feb 24, 2022 in DUI, Marijuana

Since Michigan legalized marijuana in 2018, the conversation around impaired driving has gotten more complicated. New laws made it legal for people 21 and older to grow, use, and own marijuana. As dispensaries popped up across the state, questions started piling up. Can you drive…

Can I Use Medical Marijuana on Probation?

Jan 28, 2022 in Drug Crimes, Marijuana

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act made marijuana legal for medicinal use in 2008, while the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act made marijuana legal for recreational use in 2018. Despite these allowable uses, your ability to use medical and recreational marijuana becomes complicated if…