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Criminal Defense


Money Returned in Forfeiture Case

Oct 31, 2019 in Case Results, Criminal Defense

Recently, an individual was traveling in a Michigan airport with over $100,000 on their person. This money was related to the marijuana industry in California. The money was seized, and the individual reached out to criminal defense attorney Maurice Davis of Davis Law Group PLLC…

Money Returned to Man in Wayne County

Oct 24, 2019 in Case Results, Criminal Defense

Recently, a man was at the airport traveling with $19,000 in cash. Discovering this, airport security seized his money and looked to seize his property as well. Wanting to get his money back, the man reached out to Detroit criminal defense firm Davis Law Group…

Laws on expungement

Am I Eligible Under Michigan’s New Expungement Law?

Oct 21, 2019 in Criminal Defense

If you have a conviction as part of your prior criminal history, there’s a good chance you’re already dealing with the collateral consequences. Though you’ve served your sentence, your background may still be an issue. The barriers to employment are especially troubling because they affect…

Man Receives Property Back after Forfeiture

Oct 10, 2019 in Case Results, Criminal Defense

A man owned some property, and without his knowledge, his tenants were using the property to run an after-hours bar where they sold alcohol. Though the man had no knowledge of these activities, the Detroit Police raided the property during the after-hours and went to…