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Criminal Defense

Two men in orange jumpsuits behind prison bars

Can I Get Probation Instead of Going to Jail?

Jun 12, 2021 in Criminal Defense

When facing criminal charges, most people want to know how to avoid jail time. Sometimes, the law requires a minimum time in jail or prison. In other cases, it is possible to get probation by pleading guilty to a reduced charge. Regardless of the specifics,…

Father reading on floor with todler

How Criminal Charges Impact Child Custody

May 11, 2021 in Criminal Defense

In Michigan, criminal charges can impact child custody matters. Those who are charged with crimes are already facing the possibility of time behind bars. Now they must face the possibility of losing their kids, too. If you’re like most parents, your kids are your whole…

attorney doing paperwork image

How To Get the Best Criminal Defense in Michigan

Mar 12, 2021 in Criminal Defense

You can get the best criminal defense in Michigan by finding the right attorney for you. Not every attorney is perfect for every situation or every person. It’s important to ask questions and determine if the attorney knows enough about the criminal charges you’re facing….

What should I do if someone planted evidence on me?

What Should I Do If Someone Plants Evidence on Me?

Nov 24, 2020 in Criminal Defense

Many people who commit crimes try to avoid the consequences by placing the blame on others. This might happen if someone plants evidence on you, leaves something related to a crime in your home or car, or otherwise causes the police to suspect you are…