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Criminal Defense

Man in plaid shirt being arrested

Can You Sue the Police for a False Arrest?

Mar 09, 2022 in Criminal Defense

Although police make arrests frequently, that doesn’t mean they have the power to do so without due cause. False arrests can hinder your career and future opportunities. When your civil rights have been violated from a false arrest, you may be able to take legal…

Police officer handcuffing man

How To Refuse Consent for a Police Search

Jan 06, 2022 in Criminal Defense

Even people who’ve done nothing wrong find themselves feeling nervous in the presence of law enforcement. You probably want to appear helpful and cooperative, but what is the cost, and are you putting yourself in harm’s way? When the police attempt to search you or…

Woman in orange jumpsuit and handcuffs talking to lawyer

Will I Go Back to Jail for a Parole Violation?

Jun 26, 2021 in Criminal Defense

Michigan recently passed several criminal justice reforms, which went into effect this year. If you’re on probation or parole or facing criminal charges, talk to a lawyer about what these reforms mean for you. You might return to jail for a parole violation. It depends…