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Major Change in Michigan Gun Licensing

Dec 08, 2015 in Criminal Defense, Firearms Charges, Legal Blog

Michigan’s gun policy will change significantly on December 1, 2015, when county boards will no longer review applications for concealed handgun licenses. Instead, county clerks will make the decisions. This will make it significantly easier for people to obtain handgun licenses. In 2001, there were…

Second Chances for Drug Offenders

Nov 23, 2015 in Criminal Defense, Drug Crimes, Legal Blog

People convicted of drug offenses should be given a second chance. Instead, Michigan’s criminal justice system gives harsh sentences to non-violent drug offenders and people for whom drug use is a symptom of their mental illness. In these cases, prison is not only ineffective —…

Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

Nov 16, 2015 in Criminal Defense, Drug Crimes, Legal Blog

Drug trafficking is an area of criminal activity that may lead to charges from either state or federal authorities. Federal drug trafficking charges are generally more serious, and involve longer sentences, than state charges. With drug laws existing at both the state and federal levels,…