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Drug Lawyer in Flint, MI

It’s no secret that Flint has a drug problem. The authorities are combatting the issue by strictly enforcing Michigan’s drug laws against all alleged offenders. However, putting drug users behind bars is not solving the problem, and there is now a revolving door between Flint jails and the streets. Fortunately, some offenders may be able to enroll in the Genesee County Drug Court, a program that emphasizes treatment over punishment. But for many Flint residents accused of drug crimes, the only way to avoid the penalties of a drug crime conviction is to hire a skilled Flint drug lawyer and to fight the charges.

At Davis Law Group, our approach is to zealously advocate for our clients and to put their interests first at every stage of the criminal process. For some clients, this could mean taking their case to trial and avoiding a conviction at all costs. For other clients, their interest might be in discretely and quickly disposing of the case, usually through the negotiation of a plea agreement with the prosecutor. If you’ve been charged with a drug offense and need to talk to a Flint criminal defense lawyer, call us today at (810) 644-5660 for a free and confidential consultation of your case.

The Penalties for a Michigan Drug Offense Can Be Devastating

People charged with Michigan drug offenses are usually worried about the prospect of jail time and having to pay fines. These are valid concerns. But for many offenders, the worst consequences are those that emerge upon their release from jail, when they try to re-enter civilian life. The collateral consequences of a drug conviction might include:

  • Revoked driving privileges
  • Inability to make ends meet because of a lost job
  • Difficulties finding a new job because of a criminal record
  • Significantly reduced chances of getting accepted into college
  • Disqualification from receiving financial aid to pay for college
  • Inability to apply for many if not most professional licenses
  • Lost child custody
  • Deportation for immigrants
  • For felons, inability to possess a firearm

A Flint Drug Lawyer Can Help You Access the Genesee County Drug Court

Residents of Flint and the greater Genesee County area accused of drug offenses may avoid criminal prosecution and penalties by participating in a drug court program. Your lawyer may be able to convince the prosecutor or the judge to recommend you for enrollment in the Genesee County Drug Court. While there is no guarantee that your case will qualify for the drug court, there are some factors that make you automatically ineligible:

  • You’ve been charged with a serious a drug offense, such as trafficking
  • Your character makes you unfit for enrollment
  • You have a history of violent or sexually abusive behavior
  • You have no documented history of drug abuse

If you get accepted into the program, you must plead guilty to the charges and adhere to the following requirements:

  • Drug testing three times a week
  • Bi-weekly meetings with the drug court judge to monitor progress
  • Weekly visits with your case manager
  • $300 participation fee

If you satisfy these requirements, you may graduate from the program after 16 to 24 months, at which point your drug conviction will be dismissed. You will not serve any time or pay any fines, but you will need to apply to have the record of your drug arrest expunged. If you drop out of the program, you will have to serve a sentence and your conviction will remain on your record.

Giving Your Case a Thorough and Effective Defense

When your freedom, reputation, and finances are at stake, you need a seasoned Flint drug lawyer by your side to help you come out on top. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Maurice Davis knows how prosecutors build their cases, which gives him a unique ability to build an effective defense. When it comes to negotiating a plea agreement, Attorney Davis knows what prosecutors are looking for and the areas in which they may be able to make concessions.

The key to the defense of drug cases, (similar to DUI cases) however, is in ensuring that some of the prosecutor’s evidence gets excluded from the case. By filing a motion to suppress, your lawyer can make sure that any evidence that the police obtained illegally will not be presented at your trial. For example, if the police found drugs in your car, but cannot articulate why they pulled you over in the first place, the drugs cannot be used as evidence against you. There are many situations that may result in the exclusion of evidence of your case.

Our drug lawyers in Flint, Michigan have built our reputation on our ability to successfully resolve the following types of drug cases:

  • Use of a Controlled Substance — While only a misdemeanor, this offense involves fines, the possibility of jail time, and the certainty of a permanent criminal record.
  • Drug Possession — Depending on the type of drug and the amount involved, possession may be a felony or a misdemeanor.
  • Drug TraffickingManufacturing, delivering, or possessing drugs with the intent to deliver is a serious felony punishable by time in prison and fines reaching into the millions of dollars in some cases.
  • Counterfeit Drugs — Creating, selling, or possessing counterfeit, synthetic, or imitation drugs are serious offenses involving harsh penalties.
  • Prescription Drug Charges — With prescription drug abuse on the rise, Michigan has enacted tough laws to curb the use, possession, or trafficking of prescription drugs.
  • Federal Drug Charges — Fighting a drug case in federal court is more expensive than litigating in state court, and the possible penalties are generally harsher.

A Drug Attorney in Flint, MI Can Help – Free Consults Offered

If you’ve been charged with any drug offense, we can help. The sooner you call a Flint drug attorney to defend your case, the higher your chances of avoiding a criminal conviction. Initial consultations with Davis Law Group are confidential and free of charge. Call (810) 644-5660 today or fill out our contact form and we will begin helping your case to a positive resolution.