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Arabic Man Sees Bomb Threat Charge Dismissed in Detroit

Mar 27, 2017, by Maurice Davis in Case Results, Criminal Defense

Not long ago, a small business owner in Detroit of Arabic descent became embroiled in a very serious legal dilemma when a tumultuous climate and a misunderstanding with the police resulted in a felony charge for making a bomb threat. The man went to a local precinct to file a report after his business was vandalized, but after going through security, an officer directed him to go through security again. When he asked for clarification, he was told they wanted to search him for weapons and make sure he was not caring a bomb. Already upset from the reason for his visit, the man took offense to this and became disorderly. Apparently, he made comments such as “I wish I had a bomb” and “If I did, I’d blow this place up.” Upon hearing this, the officers charged him with making a bomb threat, a serious felony offense and if convicted could end with significant time behind bars.

To avoid such dire consequences, Detroit criminal defense attorney Maurice Davis represented this man and advocated for a reasonable outcome. After reviewing the evidence, attorney Davis appeared alongside his client during a probable cause conference and argued that based on his statements, his client did not pose an immediate threat to anyone. Unfortunately, the presiding judge disagreed and ruled that the case should progress to Circuit Court. Undeterred, attorney Davis presented evidence of his client’s statements and argued that his client’s comments did not rise to the level of a threat based on the law. The circuit court judge agreed with Davis’ assertion and dismissed the charge against his client. While this was a difficult and stressful situation, the client’s wise decision to have the matter handled by a skilled legal professional eventually allowed him to move on with his life with his record and freedom preserved.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.