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Arrested With Fentanyl in Detroit? Davis Law Group Can Help

Dec 09, 2019, by Maurice Davis in Drug Crimes
Fentanyl Chemical Compound

Michigan law enforcement is constantly looking to arrest people who have illegal drugs in their possession. Use of narcotics such as fentanyl can land a person in police custody. However, the manufacture, transport, or sale of illegal substances can have significant consequences that may impact your life for many years. Police and district attorneys throughout Michigan seek to detain and harshly punish drug offenders in an effort to curb the use of banned substances. It’s understandable that the aftermath of an arrest can be overwhelming for anybody. Do not delay in contacting an experienced lawyer if you or a loved one have been arrested while in possession of fentanyl. The legal process that you are facing is complex, and you can quickly find yourself with a serious criminal record.

Contact Davis Law Group to speak with a knowledgeable Detroit defense lawyer. Our firm has represented many clients after being arrested on drug related charges. Do not hesitate to contact our office today at (313) 818-3238.

Serious Charges Follow an Arrest For Fentanyl

Michigan law classifies fentanyl as a Schedule II controlled substance. This means that the state considers it to be a drug that has a high potential for abuse. While there are certain known medical uses for fentanyl, police and prosecutors work hard to punish those in possession of this drug. A Detroit area prosecutor will review the specifics of your arrest before they decide what punishment to pursue. A primary factor in the punishment that you may be facing is the quantity of fentanyl that you have in your possession. Felonies for different quantities of fentanyl are charged as follows:

  • Less than 50 grams: A fine up to $25,000 and up to four years in prison.
  • Between 50 and 450 grams: Fines not to exceed $250,000 and up to 20 years in prison.
  • Between 450 and 1,000 grams: Fines not to exceed $500,000 and a maximum of 30 years in prison.
  • Over 1,000 grams: A fine up to $1,000,000 and up to life in prison.

Repeat offenders can face extremely harsh punishments for drug crimes in Michigan. The state is especially concerned about those who may be manufacturing, trafficking, or selling highly addictive Schedule II substances such as fentanyl. You can be sentenced to life in prison on a second or subsequent conviction if illegally possessing over 50 grams of fentanyl. Many things are considered before someone is sent to prison for years. It’s important to understand that you must take a fentanyl arrest in Detroit very seriously.

How a Lawyer Can Defend You After a Fentanyl Arrest

There have recently been many reports of overdose deaths in the United States that involve fentanyl. This has put police and prosecutors under significant pressure to act when someone is arrested with this drug in the Detroit area. People under the influence of fentanyl can serve up to one year in prison even if they are not carrying any more of it in their possession. An experienced Michigan defense attorney can apply their knowledge and experience to the details of your case. Our objective is to protect our clients’ rights through the entire legal process, and this includes having unreasonable charges dropped. Your legal counsel can bring forth evidence of one or several of the following as they seek to defend you after a fentanyl arrest:

  • The drugs in question belonged to someone else: People are often arrested due to drugs that they did not know were in their possession. This can happen if someone else leaves fentanyl in your car or home without your knowledge or consent.
  • You are a victim of police entrapment: This happens when law enforcement officers cause you to commit an offense that you otherwise would not have committed. Entrapment is a common occurrence when undercover police arrest suspects for drug violations.
  • The court should dismiss your guilty plea after a probationary period: Michigan’s 7411 law allows for the court to allow a guilty plea for possession of fentanyl to be dismissed after a probation period. Your lawyer can argue that it’s in the best interest of everyone for your record to be cleared after you successfully complete a court mandated probation program.

A Lawyer From Davis Law Group Can Help You After an Arrest

Thousands of people have died while under the influence of fentanyl over the last few years in the United States. The growth in public awareness of this drug has put a lot of pressure on law enforcement. Police in Detroit work very hard to arrest people in possession of fentanyl. Even having a small amount can result in a very serious criminal case being pursued against you. It’s important to act quickly and seek skilled legal counsel after an arrest. Our firm has investigated many cases of people who have been arrested with fentanyl in Detroit. We understand that prosecutors will be aggressive, and we know how the court will approach the details of your case.

ContactDavis Law Group to speak with a knowledgeable Michigan defense lawyer if you or a loved one have been arrested for fentanyl. We can help you understand your options as we work to have your charges dismissed or greatly reduced. It’s important to act without delay. Contact our office in Detroit today at (313) 818-3238.