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Can My Driver Responsibility Fees Be Waived?

Jan 17, 2018, by Maurice Davis in Criminal Defense, Traffic
Person calculating their driver responsibility fees

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding driver responsibility fees among Michigan motorists. These fees are highly controversial and considered by many to be unfair. The state legislature approved a forgiveness plan in late 2017 that would essentially end the program. However, the forgiveness plan has yet to be approved by the governor, and therefore the fees currently stand. While you cannot yet enjoy a full forgiveness of your driver responsibility fee, your Detroit traffic ticket lawyer can help you better understand your options for making payments or challenging your assigned fee.

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Many Consider The Driver Responsibility Fees To Be Unfair

The state of Michigan created the driver responsibility fee program in 2003 in order to charge drivers who wish to keep their license after receiving certain citations or charges. You could be charged a fee for accumulating too many traffic points, or for many other reasons including:

  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving without proof of insurance
  • Using an improper license for the vehicle you are driving
  • Having an expired license

These fees must be paid in order to remain on the road legally, but most people consider them to be an unfair and illegal form of double punishment since they are required in addition to whatever the punishment is for the initial offense with which you were charged. Originally created to encourage safe driving, driver responsibility fees are currently being charged to over 300,000 state residents.

Driver Responsibility Fees May Come To An End In 2018

Lawmakers passed a fee forgiveness plan at the end of 2017 on the grounds that the driver responsibility fees are an unfair punishment. While initially meant to improve road safety, the fees are so unpopular that many members of the Michigan Legislature now support full forgiveness for those who still owe money. Governor Snyder has not yet signed the legislation that would end the fee program. Although he and many others have expressed concern over the state’s budget should the program end, there is widespread support in Michigan for the end of the program. Many believe that driver responsibility fees will be ended with full forgiveness later in 2018 once all lawmakers agree on the details in question.

Your Options If You Owe Driver Responsibility Fees

It’s understandable for you to consider your driver responsibility fee to be unreasonable. However, it is important that you pay your fees and not ignore them, even with the serious possibility of the program ending in the very near future.

If you feel that you should not have been cited in the first place, or that your fee is erroneously being calculated, contact Davis Law Group right away. We can help you understand your alternative option for addressing your fee, such as:

  • Payment through and installment agreement- If your fee is too large for you to pay at once, you can apply for an installment plan which will allow you to pay over a set period of time while being able to remain on the road.

Davis Law Group Can Help You After A Serious Traffic Violation

Traffic violations can result in serious punishments, and you may have a difficult time recovering your license in many cases. You need your license to go to work, school, and do many other things on a daily basis. It’s important to have a skilled and understanding Detroit traffic violation lawyer from Davis Law Group working for you if your right to drive is in jeopardy.

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