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5 Tips for DUI Checkpoints

Apr 11, 2018, by Maurice Davis in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog, OWI

Also known as sobriety checkpoints or DUI roadblocks, DUI checkpoints involve police officers stopping drivers so that they can detect people who are driving while under the influence. Drivers that are stopped are evaluated to determine whether they are impaired by alcohol or drugs while behind the wheel.

When you come across a DUI checkpoint, you may feel stressed or anxious. Understand that these feelings are normal, and it is possible to remain calm and get through the checkpoint without any issues.

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DUI Checkpoint Tips

When you’re at a DUI checkpoint, make sure to do the following:

1. Remain Calm
It’s important to remember that being stopped at a DUI checkpoint does not mean the police believe you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. By keeping this in mind, you will be more level-headed.

2. Follow the Police Officer’s Orders
During a DUI checkpoint, the police will likely ask you for your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration information. Be sure to have these items ready and hand them to the police officer when you’re prompted to do so. If the police officer asks you to step out of your car, exit it calmly and refrain from leaning on it. Additionally, speak to the officer in a polite and pleasant tone and avoid sounding agitated or making rude statements.

3. Keep Your Conversation Brief
When speaking to the police officer, answer any questions they may ask you. However, do not volunteer any additional information. Even a statement that seems innocent may be used against you down the road. Try to say as little as possible and keep your conversation with the officer brief.

4. Never Turn Around
Many people make the mistake of turning around and looking for an alternate route when they approach a DUI checkpoint. Since officers keep a close eye on all of the vehicles that approach the checkpoint, turning around could automatically make you look suspicious. In the event you do turn around, a police officer will likely follow you and you could end up facing serious legal problems down the road.

5. Contact a DUI Lawyer
If you do get arrested at a DUI checkpoint, you should reach out to a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. They can investigate what occurred during the checkpoint, search for flaws in the prosecutor’s case, and may be able to help you avoid a conviction through a strong defense strategy. The sooner you contact a DUI lawyer, the greater your chances become of achieving a favorable case outcome.

Charged with a DUI at a Checkpoint? Contact Davis Law Group

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