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DUI Trials in Detroit: Should I Take My Case to Court?

Dec 24, 2019, by Maurice Davis in DUI, Traffic
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Being pulled over and subjected to sobriety tests is very stressful. The police officers who detain you will probably remind you that Michigan DUI laws are strict. It’s important to follow their orders as best as you can. Those arrested often wonder about their options for beating a DUI case. In addition to being concerned about your permanent record, you may also be worried about the costs of DUI trials in Detroit. The details of your case are unique, and an experienced Michigan defense attorney can help you understand your options going forward. Our firm has worked with many clients who have faced serious penalties after an arrest. We know how important it is for you to clear your name and move on with your life.

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The Penalties You May Be Facing After a DUI

Using the legal process to fight your DUI arrest may be the only way to end your case without facing any serious punishments that unfairly impact your life. A skilled lawyer will be able to review the case against you and give you an idea of the punishment that you can be facing. Furthermore, your lawyer can use their experience to determine how aggressively the prosecution will seek to handle your case. Working with skilled legal counsel can help you to fully understand the penalties that you face and whether going to court is ideal for your situation.

The various penalties that can follow a DUI arrest in Michigan include:

  • Suspension of license: Your driver’s license can be suspended for up to six months after a DUI conviction. It is possible for you to seek a restricted license after the first 30 days of your suspension.
  • Jail time: A conviction for a first DUI offense can result in up to 180 days in jail. However, this can be substantially increased if it’s a subsequent conviction, or if someone is injured in your case.
  • Fines: The court can fine you hundreds of dollars for a first DUI offense, and thousands for subsequent ones. However, a conviction can bring about other expenses associated with reinstating your license and maybe being required to install an ignition interlocking device on your car.
  • Community service: The court can require DUI offenders to perform community service as part of their punishment. This can involve up to 360 hours for a first offense.

How a Lawyer Can Build a Strong Case for You From the Beginning

Taking your case to court can make the legal process surrounding your DUI arrest weeks or months longer. However, you and your lawyer may agree that this can result in all charges being substantially lowered or even dropped. Every year in Michigan there are many instances of law enforcement errors made in arrests or when handling evidence. Your lawyer can argue that due to one or several of the following errors occurring, your case should be dropped:

  • Police did not have probable cause: In order to detain and arrest you, police must legitimately have reason to believe that you are breaking the law. Officers must be able to testify as to why they pulled you over before you were arrested for DUI.
  • A breath test did not follow a proper observation period: Breathalyzer tests can be inaccurate if certain substances are present in your mouth within 30 minutes before the test is performed. A person must be closely observed before the breathalyzer is used in order to make sure the test results are accurate.
  • Failure to properly conduct physical tests: People pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving may be asked to perform physical tests such as walk-and-turn or a horizontal eye gaze. Mistakes made by police can make it impossible to pass these physical tests, and they can result in an arrest.
  • Improper handling of physical evidence: Breath, urine, and blood machines must be properly maintained in order to give accurate blood alcohol readings. Technicians who improperly handle physical samples can cause evidence to be rendered useless.

A knowledgeable Michigan DUI lawyer can study your case by speaking with you, interviewing witnesses, and attending pre-trial court proceedings. This will help your counsel understand if your case can be successfully completed before trial. In some cases, it may not be possible to have all charges dropped. If this is your situation, a skilled lawyer can still work with the court to reduce charges and help you get your license back as soon as possible.

Davis Law Group Can Help You After a DUI Arrest

There are many questions that you need answered after an arrest. Fighting your case in court may offer you an excellent opportunity to clear your name. However, you may be successful in lowering or dropping your charges even without going to court. It’s important to call a skilled and experienced lawyer as soon as possible if you or a loved one were arrested for driving while intoxicated. Your case will move fast; protecting your rights will require you to not delay in taking action.

Contact Davis Law Group to speak with a Detroit defense attorney about your case. We know how important it is to protect your future after an arrest for DUI. Contact our office today at (313) 818-3238.