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How to Prepare for a Criminal Hearing in Detroit

Sep 11, 2020, by Maurice Davis in Court
How to Prepare for a Criminal Hearing in Detroit

If you are charged with a crime, you’ll need an experienced defense attorney from David Law Group PLLC on your side for your criminal hearings. Legal trouble isn’t a “do it yourself” project. It’s not like hanging a picture on the living room wall. You need a skilled advocate who understands the law and legal process to handle your defense. And you need one as soon as you are picked up, even if just a “person of interest.” Don’t ever talk to police, until you speak to us.

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How Does the Criminal Justice System Work?

If you are charged with a crime, how your case proceeds will depend on the offense. Misdemeanors are handled differently than felonies in Michigan courts. But in general, criminal cases follow these steps:

  1. Arraignment Hearing
  2. Bail Hearing
  3. Pre-Trial Conference
  4. Preliminary Hearing (if charged with a felony) and bind over to Circuit Court if there is probable cause
  5. Pre-Trial Motions, Continuances, and other proceedings
  6. Trial
  7. Verdict
  8. Sentencing if found guilty

From this short list, you can see that hearings are plentiful in this process. You will need to be present and prepared. The best way to do that is to work closely with a criminal defense attorney from our firm.

Preparation Tips for a Criminal Hearing

Although your case will be fact-specific to your charges and circumstances, there are several things you should remember when preparing for a hearing.


  • Be on time. Better yet, plan on being early so you can confer with counsel for any last-minute instructions.
  • Dress for court. You don’t have to rent a tux or even buy a suit, but business casual attire plus being clean and groomed is highly recommended.
  • Relax, as much as you can. Being nervous is natural but trust that we will handle the proceedings on your behalf.
  • Bring any additional documents or other items if your counsel has so requested.
  • Come with a positive attitude. Remember, more than 95 percent of cases get resolved prior to trial.


  • Fail to appear. Courts get cranky when defendants skip hearings and it could lead to a bench warrant for your arrest.
  • Be disrespectful to anyone. This includes your attorney, the prosecutor, the bailiff, the judge, or any witnesses.
  • Lose your temper.
  • Speak if you have not been asked to do so.
  • Lie. Never lie to your counsel and certainly don’t do so under oath.
  • Accidentally bring in any contraband, weapons, or sharp objects to the courthouse. Check all your pockets, including in your overcoat and any bags you might carry to court.
  • Rush out after the hearing as we may want a few minutes to discuss what occurred and next steps.

Have an Upcoming Criminal Hearing and Need a Defense Lawyer?

If you’ve been charged with a crime, understand that you face several hearings even before you get to trial. These hearings could give you a chance to resolve the matter without further proceedings, but you need an experienced Detroit criminal lawyer like the ones at David Law Group PLLC to fight for you.

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