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Medical Marijuana Patient Robberies

Jul 30, 2015, by Maurice Davis in Drug Crimes, Legal Blog

The legality and accessibility of marijuana has experienced monumental shifts in the last decade. What was a taboo substance not too many years ago is now legal for medicinal and recreational use in many states and cities. These cultural and legal changes have brought with them some concerns for public safety as medical marijuana dispensaries and patients have become opportune targets for violent robberies.

Dispensaries are targeted for both money and marijuana products and have been victimized around the country. In April, a Denver dispensary was robbed by four armed men. They fired shots and stole edibles and hash oil, a potent THC concentrate.

Recent Cases of Medical Marijuana Robberies

In January, a California dispensary robbery ended in the non-fatal shooting of one victim and the arrest of four men after a standoff with a SWAT team. Another California robbery ended in a gun battle and a wounded security guard, and dispensaries aren’t the only places that are at risk.

In November of last year, a grower who grew out of his home was violently attacked and robbed of $20,000 in product and supplies. The assailants rushed into the home after the grower opened the door under the guise of making a sale. The homeowner was beaten with a handgun and then robbed. Even patients who simply have access to medical marijuana and are not growers are at risk.

If you have a medical marijuana card, you have ready access to marijuana and marijuana products. Some patients grow small amounts for themselves, and many keep a small supply of marijuana on hand. Unfortunately, this makes them a prime target for drug motivated robberies. If you’re a medical marijuana patient, it’s important to protect your privacy. Make sure you only tell people you can trust about your use, and that you take precautions when deciding on a grower or dispensary.

If you decide to use a dispensary, make sure they take adequate security measures. Try to choose a facility in a low crime area, and to visit it during daylight and high traffic hours. If something feels wrong, leave. Trust your instincts since they’ve taken you this far.

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