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Michigan No Longer Allows Sex Between Undercover Officers and Prostitutes

Mar 16, 2018, by Maurice Davis in Legal Blog, Sex Crimes

Having sexual relations with prostitutes in Michigan is not and has not been legal, including for law enforcement officials. However, until December 13, 2017, no law had been passed to prosecute undercover police if they engaged in such relations. While there was an older law that protected police from prosecution if they had sex with a prostitute during the course of undercover law enforcement, that has now changed. A new law, signed by Governor Snyder of Michigan and effective March 13, 2018, prohibits police officers from having sexual intercourse with prostitutes during their job duties.

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An Overview of the New Legislation

Sponsored by Sen. Judy Emmons, R-Sheridan and Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland, Senate Bill 275 and House Bill 4355 undo the old law, which previously prevented the prosecution of police officers involved in prostitution offenses while on duty. The bills are now registered as Public Acts 194 and 195.

The state of Hawaii removed a similar law in 2014. At that time, Michigan was the only state in the country to protect undercover on-duty law enforcement officers from facing prosecution for having sexual relations with a prostitute. With the recent wave of public sentiment to roll back human trafficking in the U.S. and stop the victimization of these sex slaves, public opinion pushed in favor of laws that remove any perception of a double standard for police officers. In a press release after signing the legislation into law, Governor Snyder stated, “These bills help ensure the ongoing integrity and accountability of our law enforcement system.”

One version of the bill attempted to prosecute law enforcement officers for any type of sexual contact. However, the bill in its final version only imposes criminal penalties for sexual penetration. An officer charged with this crime will need experienced legal representation from a prostitution lawyer just as any other individual would if charged with solicitation with a prostitute.

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