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Southfield Woman Sees Dismissal For Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

Jun 30, 2016, by Maurice Davis in Case Results, Criminal Defense, Traffic

It is an unfortunate reality that traffic accidents can happen to anyone. While this can be an upsetting experience, it is important to remember that if you are criminally charged after a crash, it is best to consult a criminal defense attorney. You can count on a skilled lawyer to work towards clearing your name and their experience will prove invaluable with navigating an intimidating criminal justice system. For example, a 50-year-old woman from Southfield was recently involved in an auto accident, where she initially didn’t realize that she struck another vehicle and kept driving. Apparently, some bystanders took down her plate number, and police ultimately charged her with driving without due care, which is a civil traffic offense and a misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an accident. Not only would the woman have to deal with the aftermath of damaging another person’s car, but since she made a living as an optic technician, a criminal conviction would seriously hurt her career in addition to possibly spending time in jail. So with the goal of protecting her job, her record, and in turn her freedom, she began searching for a veteran traffic lawyer and came to the offices of attorney Maurice Davis.

Attorney Davis used his wide-ranging knowledge in traffic law and an extensive network of relationships to represent his client. After negotiating on her behalf, he successfully arranged for a complete dismissal of the misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident charge. This effectively removed the fear of spending any time behind bars or having a career ending mark on her criminal record. Once the minimal financial penalty was paid for the remaining traffic ticket, his client was very pleased because choosing to have such capable legal representation prevented a devastating conviction.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.