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Medical Marijuana Licensing Process Slows as Board Begins Reviewing Applications

Apr 25, 2018, by Maurice Davis in Legal Blog, Marijuana

The Medical Marijuana Licensing Board recently denied or delayed action on the first business applications that were considered under the new commercial medical marijuana law. These applications were not approved because there were concerns regarding previous criminal records by employees or owners.

Many Michigan residents have expressed frustration with the slow medical marijuana licensing process. If you have questions on the legalities of medical marijuana in the state or are facing a marijuana-related offense, contact Maurice Davis, an experienced Detroit marijuana lawyer at Davis Law Group. Call today at (313) 818-3238.

Medical Marijuana License Application Options

Businesses have two options when applying for a medical marijuana license in the following categories: grower, processor, testing facility, secure transporter, and dispensary. Pre-qualification allows them to fill out and submit the application before they receive approval from the area where they would like to run their business. With this step, businesses can give the state the chance to perform a full background check on them.

License qualification would include a location for the business and the approval from the community that will allow them to operate a medical marijuana business. A $6,000 application fee which can be submitted via online or snail mail must be paid for consideration.

Cease and Desist Letters Sent by the Michigan State Police and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

This month, the Michigan State Police and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs have sent over 200 cease and desist letters to companies in Detroit and other areas of the state. These letters are intended to inform businesses that they are not adhering to the 2016 medical marijuana regulation law that was first made legal in 2008.

Andrew Brisbo of the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation clarifies that the bureau is not shutting these businesses down. Instead, the state will make referrals to law enforcement if they come across any unlicensed activity. The cease and desist letters have however motivated some businesses to close on their own.

So far, more than 400 companies or individuals have applied for medical marijuana business licenses. The few pre-approval applications that were recently denied were the first that were ever considered by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board.

The Future of the Medical Marijuana Licensing Process

Rick Johnson, Chairman of the Medical Marijuana Board, revealed that there are some debates over the parliamentary rules and procedures regarding the licensing process. It was also stated that the Board pulled several applications from the agenda because they wanted more time to review new information from the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation.

Johnson explained that although it’s been a rocky start, he feels confident that in the future, the Board will be able to review the increasing backlog of applications at a faster rate. He stated that while the Board can review these applications quickly or properly, they want to ensure they are all reviewed with the attention and thought they deserve.

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